Shoei Yoh

Man-Nature-Technology Interface Design

'87 Apr.23-May 26

This exhibition displays thirteen of Yoh's projects, ranging from his residential works such as "House with Light Lattices"(1981) and "House with Cross of Light"(1985) through his large-scale wood truss structures such as "Oguni Dome"(1988). Utilizing a variety of materials and techniques, Yoh demonstrates his enthusiam for composing new kinds of spaces. Working with a heterogenous selection of materials such as wood and steel, aluminum and glass, he forges new relationships between them by combining them with epoxy resins ans silicon. The exhibition presents how the architect experiments with technology as a tool for constructing a more harmonious relationship between humans and nature.
exhibition scene exhibition scene
Photo by Kiichi Suzuki
Lecture : Man-Nature-Technology Interface Design
          TOKYO : Apr.23
          Okinawa : May 14

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