3 Architects in Okinawa

Notion of FUSUI

'92 Feb.5-Mar.7

In this special joint exhibition, the display space has been devided up into three sections, each devoted to the models, photos and drawings of the work of these three Okinawa-based architects. The display of Asao Sugama centers on projects built in Urasoe City. Eizo Sueyoshi has a diverse display that features models, sketches and drawings of his junior high school. The Yoshikazu Makishi's display focuses on his junior college. Although all three exhibit very different styles, they share a strong, characteristically Okinawan regional concerns, designing with special consideration for Okinawa's natural environment.
exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Symposium : Architecture in Okinawa "Notion of FUSUI"
            Sendai : Feb.5
            Tokyo : Feb.7

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