Shin Takamatsu

Miracle of Forms

'87 Mar.10-Apr.10

This exhibition features twenty-nine of Takamatsu's works spanning the ten-year period from 1977 through 1987, includeing "Orijin I, II, III"(1981,82,86) and "Week"(1986) and "Kirin Plaza"(1987). Along with models constructed from brass and stainless steel, drawings, executed by the architect himself, make skillful use of penciles ranging from 9H through 6B, and go far beyond the power of prose to express the depth of Takamatsu's spirit. His Architecture is always linked to the strikingly sharp, clear forms in his drawings.
exhibition scene
Photo by Kiichi Suzuki
Lecture : Miracle of Forms
          Tokyo : Mar.11
          Sapporo : Apr.8

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