Public Body In Crisis

'96 Jul.23-Aug.24

GALLERY MA is sponsoring an exhibition titled "PUBLIC BODY IN CRISIS: Milan Triennale1996" to commemorate the participation of the Japan team in this year's architectural and design festival "19th Milan Triennale" held in Milan. The Japan team's exhibition at the Triennale was titled "PUBLIC BODY IN CRISIS" and dealt with the crisis of communication in the contemporary city. It featured the works of Hitoshi Abe, Shinichi Ogawa, Atsushi Katagi, Kengo Kuma, Coelacanth Architects, Kazuyo Sejima, Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama, Norihiko Dan, Tom Heneghan and Matsuoka & Wang, a younger generation of architects each of whom presents their own perspective on new concepts of urban "public space."
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