Parallel Activities

'90 Jun.22-Jul.26

exhibition scene As suggested by its title, this exhibition features a straight presentation of the group's activities. The metal and wood object places at the center of the exhibition space is specially designes display device. In the upper portion of this device has been placed a partial model of project in progress, testifying to its state of fragmentation. The lower section of the device contains one handred drawers, within which are contained one handred pages of drawings of past projects. Anybody is welcome to pull one out of a drawer and participate in the planning of the project. Looking somewhat like objects that have been haphazardly placed in the corner of the exhibition space are pieces of furniture - chairs and lamps - parts of which have been strewn beside them, providing yet another metaphor for their workshop.
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Lecture : Parallel Activities
          Tokyo : jun.25
          Hiroshima : Jun.27

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