Tadanaga Miyamoto

Obuse Landscape Restoration

'90 Feb.16-Mar.17

This exhibition focuses Miyamoto's architecutural achievements during his more than a decade of work on "the Obuse Landscape Restoration Project"(1975-90). Displayed in chronological order on a large, curved wall which passes through the interior and exterior of the gallery is story of the project's genesis. The path leading outside the gallery is paved with pebbles from the dry riverbed of the Chikuma River to recreate the original atmosphere. The composition of the exhibition space carefully avoids excesses, yet leaves visitors with a strong impression. The exhibition also includes six of Miyamoto's other projects, such as "Nagano Municipal Museum"(1981) and "Takayama Elementary School"(1989).
exhibition scene exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Lecture : Obuse Landscape Restoration
          Tokyo : Feb.17
          Kumamoto : Mar.8

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