Shiro Kuramata

Sealing of Dreams

'91 Nov.8-Dec.11

The death of Shiro Kuramata, a leader in Japanese interior design, was sudden and unexpected. Planned by Kuramata while he was still alive, this exhibition and its installations were completed by his staff,who worked to ensure that it remained faithful to his concepts. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a 4.2 meter-long, vividly colored bed, entitled "LAPUTA"(1991), symbolizing the world of beauty which unfolds through finely wrought forms. Sublimating design to an extreme, Kuramata's work is based on the theme of harmonious coexistance between objects and people.
exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Symposium : "Sealing of Dreams" Homage to Shiro Kuramata
            Tokyo : Nov.8

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