Atsushi Kitagawara

Mallarmé de Siege

'90 Nov.22-Dec.22

The Exhibition features three walls, their surfaces riddled with nearly fifty peep holes. Through them, one can glimpse fragments of Kitagawara's concepts. In the center of the exhibition space, more fragments of his architecture can be seen floating sealed within seven transparent plastic cubes. Rather than show complete images of architecture, Kitagawara prefers to stimulate the viewer to imagine the whole by presenting only arbitarily selected parts. The symbol of his philosophy can be found in the garden, a metallic cone-shaped object resting horizontally on its side, shining brilliantly as it catches light projected through its interior.
exhibition scene exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Lecture : Mallarmé de Siege
          Tokyo : Nov.29
          Osaka : Nov.30

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