Kisho Kurokawa

Eight Museums

'91 Feb.15-Mar.26

exhibition scene This exhibition features recent works by Kisho Kurokawa, focusing on eight different museum projects he has undertaken in Japan and overseas. All four walls of the gallery have been divides up into grids, upon which panels have been systematically arrenged to display a combination of photographs and axonometric perspectives. Each conveys a sense of the shape of the works. In the center of the exhibition space are scattered copies of original drawings and sketches by Kurokawa himself. Visitors are invited to write massages to Kurokawa in the blank space on the pages, creating yet another work. The entire space has been coordinated using "Rikyu-grey", Kurokawa's theme color, further adding to the air of refinement surrounding he display.
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Lecture : Eight Museums
          Tokyo : Feb.22
          Okinawa : Mar.4

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