Yoshiro Ikehara

Asakura Isokichi Museum

'94 Jan.18-Feb.22

All one can see in this dimly its space are rising beams of light. The entire exhibit focuses on "the Asakura Isokichi Museum"(1993). Plans, cross sections or life-size illustrations have been silkscreened onto transparent acrylic panels. Fragments of canopy support columns and parts suggestive of doors are reproduced on the same transparent panels. Following the light with one's eye, details of the openings on the plans suddenly seem to overlap with one another.Sections of the plans grow and assume solid form. It is quite fitting that Ikehara uses a single example of his architecture to shed light on the entire world of his work.
exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Lecture : Architecture of Yoshiro Ikehara
          Tokyo : Feb.4

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