Hiroshi Hara

A New Type of Residential Cube for 100,000 People

'92 Sep.4-Oct.6

Once cannot describe the work of Hiroshi Hara without including the term "City". In the exhibition, Hara puts to the test the "Multilayered Theory of the City". Using a three-dimensional lattice, he tries to represent the "burst" of the city, that is, its capacity for self-transformation, self-destruction and "repair" that is realized through the accumulation of memories of its transformation. To suggestion the future possibilities of city living, Hara has created a model of a 500-cubic meter residential district, constructed from a metal frame, with a model made from an aclylic cube that emits light to signify the bursting and repairing of city. These are accompanied by eleven panels of equal scale depicting their evocution at the end of each decade from the year 2001 through 2101.
exhibition scene exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka
Lecture : Floating Garden 500Mx500Mx500M Extraterrestrial Architecture
          Tokyo : Sep.21
          Fukuoka : Sep.25

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