Neil M.Denari

Interrupted Projections

'96 Sep.20-Oct.26

GALLERY MA featured the work of the young Las Angeles architect Neil M. Denari in a show titled "INTERRUPTED PROJECTIONS." Denari has won wide acclaim for his various projects, such as his radical entry in the Tokyo International Forum Competition for which he received Honorable Mention. While not quite breaking free from the constraints of tradition and standards, Denari seems to challenge the conservatism of contemporary "architecture," always making viewers conscious of the essence of architecture and its latent potential.
For Denari, contemporary architecture exists within a society filled with a mixture of coded images that trancends the concrete "thing" itself. Denari seeks to discover the possibilities of architecture within such a society, as well as how architecture can be made to fuse with society. Denari offered one solution to these questions in the space of GALLERY MA.
The exhibition area was equipped with a NaviCam (support: Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Inc.), which will serve as a device for visualizing the concepts of the exhibition. Individual visitors could analyze concepts by accessing barcodes scattered throughout the exhibition area.
GALLERY MA also sold "GALLERY MA BOOKS 04 Neil M. Denari INTERRUPTED PROJECTIONS," a graphic two-dimensional presentation of the show as realized in the three-dimensions of GALLERY MA. exhibition scene

exhibition scene
Photo by Nacása and Partners

Lecture : Interrupted Projections
          Tokyo : Sep.11
          Nagoya : Sep.12

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