Selected Entries of Four Postwar
National Competitions

'86 Apr.9-Apr.22

This exhibition brings together the first place winners in postwar Japan's most important state-sponsored open architectural competitions. It features the "Four Great Competitions" which captured the attention of the Japanese architecture world namely, the plan for "National Diet Library"(by MID-Dojin, 1954), "National Theater"(by Hiroyuki Iwamoto and Takenaka Corporation, 1963), "Kyoto International Conference Hall"(by Sachio Ohtani and Taneo Oki, 1963), and "Japanese Supreme Court"(by Shinichi Okada, 1968). A symposium was also held with the exhibition.
exhibition scene

Symposium : Exciting Competition
            Tokyo : Apr.11
            (Takashi Takano, Masato Otaka, Sakae Ohmi)

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