Takefumi Aida

Silence Playfullness and Fluctuation

'87 Sep.1-Oct.2

This exhibition displays twenty-two of Aida's projects, mainly residential, from over a period of fifteen years. Aida's architecture always possesses a strong sense of theme. For example, the theme of silence forms the basis for "Nirvana House"(1972) and "Stepped Platform House"(1975); "Toy Blocks Series I-X"(1979-84) represents the theme of playfulness, while "GKD Building"(1987) and "War Dead Memorial of Tokyo"(1988) can be interpreted as symbolizing fluctuation. These aspects of his unique design method are highlighted by the exhibition's broad range of models and plans.
exhibition scene exhibition scene
Photo by Junichi Shimomura
Lecture : Silence Playfullness and Fluctuation
          Tokyo : Sep.22
          Nagoya : Sep.29

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