The 53 Origins

'95 Dec.5-'96 Jan.31

GALLERY MA, which takes its name from the uniquely Japanese concept of the "interval" as used in the words for "people,""time," and "space," has created a series of moving dramas of exchange over its ten year history. The architects and designers that GALLERY MA has featured have pursued their work aggressively, maintaining a keen awareness of the demands of their age without ever sacrificing their integrity to momentary trends.
They have firmly carved their own trajectories into the contemporary scene and three successes have grown out of solid foundation of creative originality.
At GALLERY MA we believe that it is this originality which lies at the base of every aspect of architecture and design in all their multi-dimensional elaborations, and it is our mission to provide a showplace for it.
For our 10th Anniversary Exhibition we have chosen the theme of "Creative Origins." In this exhibition we have asked each of the architects and designers whose work we have exhibited in the past to choose those works which they consider their "original works" and which best express their current position to be exhibited on a single stage.
The "original works" of each exhibitor assembled here are entirely personal. At the same time, both individually and in the aggregate, they resonate with the contemporary moment even as they create a magnetic field whose meanings transcend that moment.
We look forward to the emergence of even further meanings from the new resonances of sympathy and understanding which that magnetic field will evoke in everyone who visits the exhibition.

exhibition scene
Photo by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka


AIDA, TakefumiNirvana House
ANDO, TadaoChurch of the Light
ArquitectonicaFirst Steps
CALATRAVA, SantiagoThe Pivot
CORREA, CharlesSurya Kund
DAN, NorihikoKaigara Terrace
DILLER + SCOFIDIOBachelor's Bed, The Rotary Notary
GREGOTTI, VittorioEdificio Ricerca e Sviluppo Pneurnatici - Pirelli Bicocca
HARA, HiroshiA New Type of Residential Cube for 100,000 People
HASEGAWA, ItsukoHouse in Midorigaoka
HAYAKAWA, KunihikoHouse at a Bus Stop in Seijo
ISHII, KazuhiroGen-ju
ISHIYAMA, OsamuGen-an
ITO, ToyoSendai Mediatheque
IZUE, KanRin-ne Ten-sho
JAHN, HelmutJakarta Communication Tower
JOH, Sung-YongEnclosing;House at Hapjong 287.3
KAWAKAMI, MotomiBlitz
KAWASAKI, KazuoSound Architype Instrument
KIKUTAKE, KiyonoriSky House
KIM, In-CheurlNeutrium
KIM, Ki-SeokHuk-Bung Church
KITA, ToshiyukiSaruyama
KITAGAWARA, AtsushiM Museum (Project)
KONDO, Yasuorobe de chambre
KUMA, KengoA Small Bathhouse in Izu
KUROKAWA, KishoSony Tower
KUROKAWA, MasayukiFurniturised House
LIBESKIND, DanielBerlin Museum with the Jewish Museum
MAKISHI, YoshikazuTamayose House
MIYAMOTO, TadanagaLandscape Project in Obuse
MorphosisHomage to Issey Miyake
MOZUNA, KikoAnti Dwelling Box
MURAKAMI, ToruAtelier in Saka-machi
NAITO, HiroshiSea-Fork Museum Exhibition Hall
NOUVEL, JeanTour Sans Fins
PESCE, GaetanoResidential Tower in Sao Paolo
PORTZAMPARC, Christian deMetz Project
ROKKAKU, KijoRoad of Reincarnation
SAKATA, SeizoHashima City Hall
SEJIMA, KazuyoSaishunkan Seiyaku Women's Domitory
SHINOHARA, KazuoHouse in Kugayama
SUEYOSHI, EizoIshimine Junior Highschool in Naha
SUGAMA, AsaoHanagushiku House
SUGIMOTO, TakashiTea House "So"
SUZUKI, EdwardMpata Lodge
SUZUKI, RyojiArchitecture Era Zero
TAKAMATSU, ShinKirin Plaza Osaka
TAKEYAMA, Kiyoshi SeyTwin Incomplete Objects
UCHIDA, ShigeruGyo-an
YOH, ShoeiCoffee Shop INGOT
ZO, AtelierSoil - Taiwan Er Jie Temple

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