Ikko Tanaka

Born in Nara Prefecture in 1930. Ikko Tanaka graduated from Kyoto City School of Fine Arts in 1951. After working at The Nippon Design Center Inc. he became president of the Ikko Tanaka Design Studio in 1963. Since 1973, he has been active as the art director for the Seibu Saison Groupe.
Awards: Warsaw International Poster Biennial, Silver Prize; Kodansha Cultural Publishing Prize for Book Design; The 19th Mainichi Design Award, Minister of Education Prize for the Arts (Encouragement for Freshman); JAAC Prize, Yamana Prize; 6th Lahti International Poster Biennial, Second Place in Culture Category; New York ADC Gold Prize, Tokyo ADC Members Grand Prize; 29th Mainichi Art Prize; Japan Inter Design Forum Grand Prix.

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