Ettorre Sottsass Ettore Sottsass
Born in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1917.
In 1939 he graduated in architecture from the Politecnico of Turin.
In 1947 he set up a firm to deal with architectural and design projects.
In 1958 he started to work with Olivetti as a design consultant.
In 1981 Sottsass founded the Memphis group.
In 1981 he founded the firm Sottsass Assiciati.

Recent projects include industrial design ones for various clients, architectural projects for the interior of the new international Milan airport and for housing estates in China, Hong Kong and Belgium, and town planning for the capital of South Korea, Seoul.

The most recent awards he received include the nomination as Officer of Order of Arts and Literature of the French Republic in 1992, the Award from the Brooklyn Museum in 1996 and the Oribe award in Japan in 1997.

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