Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano was born in Genoa on September 14, 1937, from a builder's family.
He graduated from the school of Architecture, Milan Polytechnic in 1964; during his studies, he was working under the design guidance of Franco Albini, and in the meantime he was attending his father's site.
Between the years 1965 and 1970 he worked with Louis I. Kahn, in Philadelphia, and Z. S. Makowsky in London.
During this period he met Jean Prouve, a friendship which was to have a profouun influence on his work.
His collaboration with Richard Rogers dates from 1971 (Piano & Rogers), from 1977 with Peter Rice (Piano & Rice & Associates), and he runs now the offices in Genoa, in Paris, and in Berlin, under the name Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

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