Frank O.Gehry

1929 Born in Toronto, Canada
1947 Moved to Los Angeles with his family
1951 Received his Bachelor Architecture degree from the University
      of Southern Cafifornia
1953-54 Apprenticed with architect Victor Gruen (Los Angeles)
1954 Received B. Arch.
1956-57 Studied City Planning at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design
1957-58 Apprenticed with architects Pereira & Luckman (Los Angeles)
1961 Apprenticed with architect Andre Remondet (Paris)
1962 Established the firm Frank O. Gehry and Associates, Inc.  in Los Angeles
1989 Awarded the Pritzker Prize
1992 Awarded the Wolf Prize in Art (architecture)
     Awarded the Premium Imperiale for Architecture by Japan Society of Art

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