Visions for Business Activities



Our vision for business activities is positioned as the vision and mission of our business activities that change in accordance with the demands of the times.
It represents the Vision, the Mission, and the Mid- to Long-Term Management Plan.


Toward a Dynamic, Vibrant, and Excellent TOTO

Dynamic TOTO aims to create a dynamic company with a globally competitive business structure and a brand name that is recognized and supported by customers around the world
Vibrant TOTO aims to create a more vibrant company by facilitating communication with customers and motivating employees.
Excellent TOTO aims to create an excellent company that is highly transparent, has strong ethical standards and gains the trust of society


Please see here for the details of the Mission.

Mid- or Long-Term Management Plan

New Shared Value Creation Strategy TOTO WILL2030

The Group's 2050 goals are to contribute to achieve a carbon neutral and sustainable society, and to provide comfortable and healthy lifestyles to all.

To this end, the Group formulated TOTO WILL2030, a new shared value creation strategy covering the 10-year period from FY2021 to FY2030, with "Contribute to society and the global environment" and "Achieve clean, comfortable and healthy lifestyles" as goals.

Mid-Term Management Issues WILL2030 STAGE1

The Group has positioned the first three years (FY2021~FY2023) for realizing the new shared value creation strategy TOTO WILL2030 as Mid-Term Management Issues (WILL2030 STAGE1) and will set concrete targets for adapting to the changing environment.
In WILL2030 STAGE1, we will aim to further increase our corporate value through greater alignment of our business activities with the TOTO Global Environmental Vision.
The strategic framework consists of "corporate governance," which forms the basis for corporate activities, and "digital innovation" for changing faster than the world, as well as two business axes "Global housing equipment business" and "New business domains," and three strands of groupwide innovation activities to optimize operations from a groupwide perspective.