The common Group philosophy represents the inherited values of TOTO that are shared among employees and will be carried forward into the future.
It represents the Company Mottos, the TOTO Group Corporate Philosophy, and the TOTO Group Corporate Code of Conduct.

Company Mottos

Company Mottos
Company mottos
Take pride in your work, and strive to do your best.
"Quality and Uniformity,""Service and Trust,"
"Cooperation and Prosperity"
In 1962, TOTO created its company motto to distinguish the tone of its future business activities while continuing to respect its origins and traditions. "Take pride in your work, and strive to do your best" embodies our determination to contribute to the advancement of society and improve the lifestyles of customers with a strong service mentality.

TOTO Group Corporate Philosophy

The TOTO Group strives to create a great company, trusted by people all around the world, and contributing to the betterment of society.
To achieve our philosophy, TOTO will:

  • Create an enriched and more comfortable lifestyle and culture built on our plumbing products.
  • Pursue customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations with our products and services.
  • Provide high-quality products and services through ongoing research and development.
  • Protect the global environment by conserving finite natural resources and energy.
  • Create an employee friendly work environment that respects the individuality of each employee.

Charter of TOTO Group Corporate Behavior


The TOTO Group wants to be an entity that constantly assumes a leading role in the realization of a sustainable society by creating added value, which is useful for society, and employment, as well as by autonomous and responsible actions through fair and free competition. To realize that, all people working for the TOTO Group strive to play an active role with a strong sense of duty based on the concepts indicated in the corporate motto and philosophy, and to fulfill their social responsibilities.
The Charter of TOTO Group Corporate Behavior stipulates the basic stance of behavior of all people working for TOTO Group to realize all stakeholders' satisfaction.

Charter of TOTO Group Corporate Behavior

Charter of TOTO Group Corporate Behavior

  1. The TOTO Group shall pursue customer satisfaction and provide products and services that are environmentally friendly, safe, and easy to use through innovation to realize sustainable economic growth and solve social issues.
    1. By promoting innovation, the TOTO Group shall aim to realize a future society where comfortable lives and solutions to social issues are achieved at the same time.
    2. By making use of the various data, the TOTO Group shall create new value, such as innovative products and services, and contribute to the solution to social issues.
  2. The TOTO Group shall develop sensible business activities in transparent, fair ways, and responsible procurement, and sustain sound normal relationships with political organizations and governmental administrations.
    1. In its business activities, the TOTO Group shall observe the related laws and regulations, as well as international norms and their spirit, and carry out fair and transparent trading and responsible procurement and competition.
    2. The TOTO Group shall never provide business entertainment, gifts or monetary compensation for acquisitions, seek profits unfairly or offer preferential treatment.
  3. The TOTO Group shall facilitate communications with society; disclose corporate information proactively, effectively, and fairly; and have constructive dialogs with a variety of stakeholders to improve corporate value.
    1. The TOTO Group shall protect personal information and customer information with sufficient care, and control that information appropriately.
    2. The TOTO Group shall disclose all appropriate and meaningful information to its stakeholders in a timely manner.
    3. The TOTO Group shall communicate interactively with society through public relations initiatives.
    4. The TOTO Group shall communicate with its shareholders through investor relations activities.
    5. The TOTO Group shall provide comprehensive education for employees and establish and strengthen its organizational structure to prevent insider trading.
  4. The TOTO Group shall respect the human rights of every person in all countries and regions in its business activities and contribute to their development.
    1. The TOTO Group shall understand and respect human rights that are recognized globally (internationally) and prevent negative influences on such human rights that are directly linked to our products and services.
    2. The TOTO Group shall officially announce the policy of executing its responsibility to respect human rights in its business activities.
    3. As a member of the international society, the TOTO Group shall respect international norms of human rights and shall not be involved in any forced labor nor child labor.
  5. The TOTO Group shall improve customer satisfaction through appropriate information provision on products and services and honest communication.
    1. The TOTO Group shall gain customer satisfaction and trust by providing products with universal design and environmentally friendly products and services.
    2. The TOTO Group shall act and make decisions in ways that put customer satisfaction first.
    3. All TOTO Group employees shall pay careful attention to and take great pride in their personal conduct and deportment, such as their attitude toward customers, telephone manners, daily greetings and personal appearance.
  6. The TOTO Group shall improve the ability of all people working for TOTO, and realize a workstyle where diversity and individuality are respected in a pleasant working environment where importance is placed on health and safety.
    1. The TOTO Group shall strive to create a company that takes pride and joy in a job well done, and foster its employees’ abilities and creativity while respecting their individuality and autonomy.
    2. The TOTO Group shall create an environment that develops the abilities of all of its employees to the fullest extent through fair treatment, without regard to nationality, gender, or disability.
    3. The TOTO Group shall create a comfortable working environment that promotes the physical and mental health of its employees through daily health and safety programs.
    4. The TOTO Group shall strive to develop proper relationships with all employees of its Group through sincere discussions and consultations.
  7. The TOTO Group shall build awareness of global environment issues as common issues of all humankind and aggressively tackle these issues from a global point of view as essential for the existence and activities of the company.
    1. The TOTO Group shall work on the establishment of a decarbonized society on a global level from a long-term perspective.
    2. The TOTO Group shall contribute to the effective utilization of limited water resources and engage in the formation of a sustainable society by conserving resources and energy, and sustainable use.
    3. The TOTO Group shall take action to reduce environmental loads and risks in all processes of its business activities.
    4. The TOTO Group shall undertake the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development.
  8. As a good corporate citizen, the TOTO Group shall constructively participate in and contribute to the development of communities and society overall.
    1. As a good corporate citizen, the TOTO Group shall proactively contribute to society by working with all of its stakeholders, including customers, and local community members.
  9. The TOTO Group shall be prepared for actions of antisocial powers, terrorist attacks, and cyberattacks, as well as natural disasters, and thoroughly implement organizational crisis management.
    1. The TOTO Group shall resolutely oppose antisocial powers that pose threats to civil life and corporate activities, and sever relationships with them.
    2. The TOTO Group shall always be prepared for terrorist attacks, cyberattacks, and natural disasters and thoroughly implement organizational actions and training.
  10. TOTO’s top management shall build effective governance and, as their role, thoroughly enforce corporate ethics not only within the TOTO Group but also across supply chains and with business partners.
    When a situation that conflicts with this charter and may lose the trust of society arises, TOTO’s top management shall exercise leadership to strive to resolve it.
    1. In the event of issues arising in conflict with this charter, TOTO's top management shall make clear both inside and outside the TOTO Group its intention to address the issue on its own, investigate the cause, formulate a solution, and prevent recurrence.
    2. TOTO’s top management shall swiftly and precisely disclose all pertinent information to the appropriate social entities to fulfill accountability requirements, clarify authority and responsibilities, and take appropriate measures to prevent any recurrence of issues.
    3. When a situation that conflicts with this charter arises, TOTO's top management shall clarify both within the Group and toward the outside their intention to exercise leadership in striving to resolve such conflicts and shall exercise responsibility in trying to find the cause and prevent a recurrence.

Scope of Application

Charter of TOTO Group Corporate Behavior applies to all employees of the TOTO Group.
Note: This Charter shall be applied among consolidated subsidiaries.
Note: Employees include contract employees, part-time employees and temporary employees.