The established ideas from our founding that are appropriate for this time and can be shared by the TOTO Group form the philosophy system for TOTO group management.

Company Mottos
These are the words that transmit the ideas of the founders to the following generations, and these universal ideas run below the TOTO Group's activities.
TOTO Group Corporate Philosophy
As the basis of what the company mottos strive to transmit, it denotes the purpose of the company's existence, our business fields and the desired image for all of our stakeholders.
Charter of TOTO Group Corporate Behavior
This is the basis for the activities of all TOTO employees who endeavor to satisfy all of its stakeholders.
A word, with the Company Mottos, the Corporate Philosophy, and the TOTO Group Corporate Code of Conduct as its base, and considering the environment surrounding the enterprise at that time, that denotes what the top management thinks should be the desired future image of the TOTO Group.
A word that is the declaration of intent to implement in the mid or long-term the primary items for sustained growth of the TOTO Group.
Mid- or Long-Term Management Plan
Ideal state and specific goals of the TOTO Group.
Implement the New Shared Value Creation Strategy TOTO WILL2030.