1900s to 1970s

Business Development Product Development
1912 Establishes ceramic sanitary ware laboratory inside Nippon Toki Gomei Kaisha and commences R&D into production of ceramic sanitary ware
1914 Successfully produces Japan's first ceramic seated flush toilet (at Nippon Toki Gomei Kaisha,the predecessor to Toyo Toki)
1917 Establishes Toyo Toki Company, Limited in Kokura, Kitakyusyu Commences production of ceramic sanitary ware
1946 Commences production of fittings for water faucets
1963 Develops construction method for world's first prefabricated bathroom module
1968 Launches bathroom vanity units
1970 Changes name to TOTO Kiki Ltd
1977 Establishes P.T. SURYA TOTO INDONESIA a joint venture company, in Indonesia

1980s to 1990s

Business Development Product Development
1980 Launches “Washlet” (toilet seats with a warm-water washing feature)
1981 Launches modular kitchen
1985 Opens “GALLERY-MA” Launches “Shampoo Dresser” bathroom vanity suited for washing hair
1989 Opens “TOTO Super Space” as core showroom
1990 Establishes TOTO KIKI U.S.A., INC as sales base in the United States
1993 Announces “Remodeling Declaration” and starengthens remodeling as business pillar Launches “NEOREST” toilets featuring Washlet
1995 Establishes TOTO (CHINA) CO., LTD.
1998 Develops Hydrotect products that incorporate super hydrophilic photocatalyst technology (world's first successful practical application)
1999 Develops CeFiONtect semi-permanent aantifouling technology for ceramic sanitary ware


Business Development Product Development
2001 Launches Japan's first system bathroom equipped with Karari floor for thorough drainage
2002 Concludes business tie-up with Daiken Corp. and YKK AP Inc. in remodeling field
2003 Proposes new lifestyles exceeding customer epectations in new Remodeling Declaration
2004 Launches Janan's first system bathroom equipped with insulated thermal pot “Mahobin” bathtub
2005 Sets up TOTO Water Environment Fund Washlet shipments top 20 million
2006 Establishes TOTO Universal Design Research Center (Chigasaki) for R&D into universal design
2007 Launches NEOREST Hybrid Series
2008 Establishes TOTO Europe GmbH as first European headquarters in Germany
Establishes TOTO ASIA OCEANIA PTE. LTD. as Asian headquarters in Singapore
2009 Exhibits products at ISH (International Sanitary and Heating) Trade Show in Frankfurt, Germany
Announces a commitment to introduce toilets that use only 4.8L per flush, which will comprise 80% of TOTO's toilets for the housing market worldwide, in aiming to establish a global standard
Establishes TOTO Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Launches “Octave” washbasin/vanity
Shipments of NEOREST series reach 1 million units
Launches "NEOREST Hybrid Series" boasting 4.8L per flush, the lowest water consumprion of any toilet in the Japanese market


Business Development Product Development
2010 Announces "TOTO V-Plan 2017"
Announces "TOTO GREEN CHALLENGE" environmental vision
Released “Basic Plus” shower head incorporating new Air in Shower technology
Released “GG” tank toilet with Twin Tornado Cleansing technology
Released “CRASSO” new modular kitchen
2011 Establishes TOTO Do Brasil Distribuição e Comércio, Ltda.
Establishes TOTO (Fujian) Co., Ltd.
Participates in UN Global Compact
Washlet shipments reach 30 million units
2012 Launches Washlet Apricot and NEOREST Hybrid Series equipped with toilet bowl cleaning function
Cumulative domestic shipments of 4.8L-flush toilet bowls passes the 1 million unit mark
First-generation Washlet (Washlet G) receives Mechanical Engineering Heritage certification
2014 Announces “TOTO Global Environmental Vision” Various hot and cold water combination faucets in the TOTO History Museum received architectural facility technology heritage
Receives Harushige Inoue Award (AD film)
2015 Establishes TOTO Museum Receives Technology Award for water spray technology of Washlets
Accumulated total number of Washlet shipments exceeds 40 million
Accumulated total number of Neorest shipments exceeds 2 million
2016   The Award of the Chairman of the Board of ARIB at the 26th Meritorious Award on Radio as the commercialization of an eco-remote controller that does not need batteries for operation
The first unit bathroom in the TOTO Museum received architectural facility technology heritage
Released "THE CRASSO" new modular kitchen
2017 100th ANNIVERSARY Released "The Comfort Wave" new shower
Launches "ESCUA" washbasin/vanity
Launches faucet products distinguished by their sophisticated designs on the global market
Launches "NEOREST NX" globally
The automatic faucet with a built-in photoelectric sensor in the TOTO Museum received architectual facility technology heritage