Mid- or Long-Term Management Plan



Long-Term Management Plan (V-Plan 2017) up to 2017 (published July 2009·revised May 2014)

As we move toward our centenary in 2017, the TOTO Group aims to be a "truly global company" that remains indispensable to customers around the world by providing a new "every day." To achieve this, we formulated TOTO V-Plan 2017, a long-term management plan. With this strategic framework, we will reinforce corporate governance, the basis of our corporate activities, and promote the three core businesses of the "domestic housing equipment business," "overseas housing equipment business" and "new business domains "as well as the four cross-organizational innovation activities, with the optimization of the entire company in mind. ‘TOTO Global Environmental Vision’ will be the driving force behind these initiatives undertaken throughout the TOTO Group.
We aim to achieve net sales of ¥650.0 billion, operating income of ¥61.0 billion and ROA・ROE of 10% in fiscal 2017 (as of March 2018).

FY2014-2017 Medium-term Management Plan (published May 2014)

TOTO Group Management Goals (Financial year ending March 31, 2018)

Net sales ¥650 billion
Operating income ¥61 billion
ROA (Return on Assets): 10%
ROE(Return on Equity):10%

Be a truly global company by 2017

The Three Core Businesses

Domestic housing equipment business

As the number of new housing starts drops, and society shifts toward a stock-based society, TOTO will further accelerate its remodeling strategy, one of our strengths. We will also progress with cost structure reforms, with the goal of building a corporate structure that generates profits.

Overseas housing equipment business

As a driver of growth, the foundations of the overseas housing equipment business will be strengthened to withstand changing markets and environments in the four regions of the Americas, China, Asia/Oceania, and Europe, as well as in emerging nations. This business will develop new markets and lead growth for the TOTO Group.

New business domains

This business is expanding globally, with TOTO "Only One" technologies for ceramic products built on our experience with ceramic sanitary ware, and with HYDROTECT, technology that uses photocatalytic to provide environmental cleaning through the power of light. We are also working to quickly build a business in fuel cells.

The Three cross-organizational Innovation Activities

Marketing innovation

The Marketing Innovation, which carries the product strategy from the viewpoint of company-wide optimization, will comprehensively advance globally attractive product creation activities for achieving attractive design and functionality that will put a smile on our customers faces. In addition, in response to regional markets and characteristics, we are strengthening our product planning and development while also leveraging our core technology developed in Japan as global common-base technology.

Demand chain innovation

From 2015, TOTO will be promoting Manufacturing that exceeds preconceived ideas and also advancing our Supply Chain Innovation to generate strong cost competitiveness to expand our three new innovation activities: Production System Innovation, Logistics innovation, and Purchasing Innovation as part of the Demand Chain Innovation.

Management resource innovation

TOTO's Management Resource Innovation positions human resources with unmatched diverse attributes within the most important management resources. By aiming to continue self-learning, securing distinctive human resources and actualizing a challenge-oriented corporate culture, we are promoting diversity while strengthening our HR development. In addition, we are evaluating and organizing our assets in parallel with aggressive investments to achieve financial growth in order to slim down and enhance our financial standing through efficient utilization of our assets.