1.Fundamental policy

The TOTO Group discloses information related to the settlement of accounts according to the rules determined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other laws and ordinances. Even when not obligated to do so, we proactively disclose information for which disclosure is regarded as useful to all investors and shareholders.

2.Disclosure methods

Brief Notes on the Settlement of Accounts and information disclosed according to the timely disclosure rules is made publicly available on the TSE Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet). Afterwards, it shall be published on the TOTO website. Information for which the timely disclosure rules do not apply shall be promptly disclosed via mediums including the TOTO website.

In order to prevent the leakage of information related to the settlement of accounts and ensure fairness, the period from the day after the end of the fiscal period for each quarter until the announcement of the settlement of accounts is regarded as a "quiet period" in which no comments shall be made on the settlement of accounts and no questions shall be answered.
However, the disclosure of information shall be carried out during this quiet period in the case that major changes are expected to occur regarding projections of business results.

3.Cautionary statement concerning forward-looking statements

Forward-looking statements released by TOTO on future business results are based on available data at the time of announcement. Actual business results may differ from projections due to various factors.