Global Environmental Action Plan



Working to realize the Global Environmental Vision

In conjunction with to the implementation “TOTO Global Environmental Vision”in 2014, the 9th Global Environmental Action Plan has also been implemented.
We have been accelerated our efforts as one TOTO Group to resolve global social issues such as water shortages and global warming.

9th Global Environmental Action Plan FY 2016 Results

Evaluation index (KPI) Scope Standard year and value FY2017 target  FY2016 target  FY2016 result  Evaluation
Contribution of improvement in water
 efficiency of products contribution to
 (Amount of contribution from
 performance improvement from
 2005 )
Japan/overseas - 700 million m3
700 million m3
740 million m3
Achieved target due to the increase in sales of water-saving toilets.
Shipment ratio of water-saving toilets
 (Water per flush of 4.8L or less)
Japan - 70% 70% 79% Result greatly exceeded the target value.
Overseas 80% 70% 68% Almost achieved target and the plan is almost going on schedues.
Contribution to global reduction in
 CO2 emissions from improvement in
 water and energy efficiency of
 (Amount of contribution from
 performance improvement from
Japan/overseas - 3.3 million tons 2.99 million tons 3.06 million tons Achieved target due to expanding water saving and energy saving products.
CO2 emission from business sites Japan/overseas FY2013 emission 313 thousand tons 352 thousand tons or less 351 thousand tons or less 328 thousand tons Achieved target due to the replacement of the facilities and the increase in productivity.
Amount of CO2 reduction form
 initiatives in business sites
Japan/overseas FY2013
reduction 0tons
29 thousand tons 21.4 thousand tons 24.6 thousand tons Achieved target greatly due to continuous implementation of reduction initiatives.
Reduction of fuel used for
 transportation per unit
Japan FY2009
11.0% 11.1% 10.6% Not achieved target in spite of proactive initiatives of promotion.
Recycling rate in production sites Japan FY2013
99% or more
99% or more 99% or more 100% Continuously maintained 99% or more.
Recycling rate in production sites
 *Recycling target with provisions
Overseas FY2013
90% or more 85% 93% The target has been achieved through measures such as encouraging the reuse of ceramic waste.
Violations of related environmental
Japan - - 0 0 Promoted continuous enhancement of environmental management system.
Percentage of “legal + recycled
 materials” used
 *Legal materials include material
 from certified forests
Japan - 100% 99% or more 99% The percentage is increasing as planned.
Participation rate of all volunteer
 (participation rate =ratio of total
 number of participants to number of
 all employees)
Japan/overseas - 100% 100% or more more than 100% - The total number of participants is 49,300.