Madoka Kitamura President, TOTO LTD.

Keep Gaining TOTO Fans around the World

With the Vision of Our Founder as a Touchstone

The TOTO Group, which marked its 100th anniversary in 2017, conducts corporate activities with the aim of continuing to provide greater contributions to society and the environment. To this day, each and every employee has been imbued with our founder's will of providing a healthy and civilized way of life. His thoughts, which have been passed down through the generations since our founding, comprise the heart of our manufacturing and sales activities as well as the core of our corporate management. Providing customers around the world with the security and reliability of the TOTO brand, my mission, as president of the TOTO Group, is to continue to pass down our founder's will into the future and "create an enriched and more comfortable lifestyle and culture built on our plumbing products," as stated in the TOTO Group Corporate Philosophy.

The Strengths of the TOTO Group, Cultivated over 100 Years of History

The TOTO Group was manufacturing seated flush toilets at a time when the concept of public sewage systems
was not yet widespread. Since then, the TOTO Group has opened the door to new lifestyles by creating products such as WASHLET and other bathroom and kitchen plumbing products.
This is part of a 100-year history full of challenges and innovations, in which the TOTO Group has cultivated a set of strengths—high-level fusion of design and functionality, creation of new value through TOTO proprietary technologies, and advanced production technology and global supply system.
However, there are more challenges and innovations yet to come.

Realizing Our Vision

The expectations and demands of stakeholders around the world continue to change, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are emblematic of that change. In light of these changes, the TOTO Group reevaluated its mission in order to highlight the most important matters to tackle in the medium term and work toward sustainable growth.
Based on this new mission, we expanded from one already-established theme, Environment, to three, Cleanliness and Comfort, Environment, and Relationships, in order to include social themes closely related to our business. The TOTO Global Environmental Vision, which is a part of our CSR activities, promotes these themes and works to further integrate our CSR with corporate management.
In addition, the TOTO WILL2022 Mid-Term Management Plan acts as the driving engine of the TOTO Global Environmental Vision and embodies our strong "WILL" as "We Innovate Leading Lifestyles." It is crucial that the TOTO Group continues to be a business that always surpasses customer expectations. In that spirit, we will work to unify our ambitions Companywide as we strive to achieve our aims by utilizing the strengths we have cultivated over time and fully overcoming all changes.

Revitalizing the Japanese Remodeling Market...

The Japan Housing Equipment Business is moving ahead with its Anshin Remodeling Strategy, the next stage in the remodeling business. Our Anshin Remodeling Declaration, established in April 2018, is a declaration of intent to add Anshin to remodeling as we make Companywide efforts to revitalize the renovation market. Under this strategy, we will provide peace of mind to customers with concerns over remodeling, be it due to cost or lack of knowledge regarding the construction process, and help them take the first step forward. We are not looking to capture immediate profits and market share. Instead, this action is aimed at building a relationship of trust over the long term and invigorating and heightening the level of the renovation market. It is an endeavor in earnest, but for a company like TOTO, which has been driving the renovation market as a top manufacturer for over 25 years, we believe this strategy can achieve its goal.

Providing Japanese Toilet Culture to the Rest of the World

We continue to promote our WASHLET Global Strategy within the Global Housing Equipment Business. According to a global market survey, WASHLET toilet seats were the number one brand by sales volume in six countries and regions (Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, the U.S., and Germany), which comprised 87% of the global market for toilets with a warm-water washing feature in 2016. Based on this data, we will communicate with confidence the fact that WASHLET is the most selected item of its kind.
In addition, we are moving forward with renovating and installing toilets at hotels and public facilities in line with the government policy of reaching a target of 60 million overseas visitors by 2030. We are working to expand the installation of clean toilets and WASHLET toilet seats, and in doing so provide Japanese toilet culture to the rest of the world.

For the Next 100 Years

With a strong will to keep gaining TOTO fans around the world, the TOTO Group has taken a bold step forward toward the next 100 years. TOTO will continue to promote innovation and realize further growth without wavering from its inherited corporate philosophy.
Our business activities cannot exist without the cooperation and co-creation of all of our stakeholders. For the TOTO Group, the primary actors are the individual employees who take it upon themselves to think of how they can best contribute to the benefit of customers and society. With that in mind, we will increase corporate value by continuing to place great emphasis on our human resource development and taking on the challenge of creating prosperous and comfortable lifestyles that provide customer satisfaction.