Global Environment Goals for Fiscal 2017

TOTO established the Global Environment Goals in 2014 for the purpose of evolving its environmental activities to the global level as the entire TOTO Group works together to contend with regional environmental problems and social challenges.
We have highlighted an action plan and numerical targets to achieve by 2017, the centenary of our foundation, and we are undertaking initiatives to tackle six social issues.
Conserving Water
  • Reduce the amount of water consumed during product use by 700 million m3
    (due to improved performance compared to 2005)
  • Shipment rate of water-saving toilets (4.8L or less per flush)
    Japan: 70% Overseas: 80%
Preventing Global Warming
  • Reduce CO2 emissions during product use by 3.3 million t
    (due to improved performance compared to 2005)
  • Total CO2 emissions from business sites: 352,000 t
    Using policies, reduce CO2 emissions by 29,000 t (compared to FY2013)
Conserving Natural Resources
  • Promote zero emissions
    Recycling rate in manufacturing plants
    Japan 99%, Overseas 90%
Keeping the Earth Clean
  • Control the release of hazardous chemical substances
    Violation of environmental laws 0 (Japan)
Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Using raw materials with consideration to biodiversity
    Usage rate of 100% legal and recycled materials for wood-based materials used in products(Japan)
Contribution to Local Communities
  • Resolve social and regional issues that originate in the
    environment, in collaboration with stakeholders in each country/region
    Participation rate of all volunteer activities 100%
    (Participation rate =ratio of total number of participants to number of all employees)

Fiscal 2016 Results