Design with Awareness of the 3Rs

TOTO is reinforcing the 3Rs in product design as one of the company's initiatives to value resources. The company aims to minimize the amount of material disposed of through the product life cycle (during manufacturing, after use). To that end, the company is applying the four perspectives of reducing weight, making materials reusable, making products easy to disassemble, and providing labels that identify materials. This promotes awareness of the 3Rs in design.

Strengthen Design with Awareness of the 3Rs

Regarding the Utilization of Recycled Materials

The amount of recycled materials*1 used in the plastic components of TOTO products*2 has been increasing. The switch from virgin materials to recycled materials used in TOTO cisterns has nearly reached 80%.

Changes in utillization volume of recycled materials (Monthly average)

Changes in ratio of recycled materials used in plastic components

*1: Plastic parts used in Japan during production
*2: Recycled materials: Recycled plastics recovered externally from household appliances, automobile parts and other markets.


Initiatives for Recycling Washlets (toilet seat with a warm-water washing feature)
We are trying to recycle used Washlets collected from parts of Kanagawa and Tokyo prefectures.
The collected Washlets are manually disassembled after cleaning. Metallic parts and plastic parts are separated. The metallic parts are sold, and the plastic parts are further separated, broken down, or crushed into chips.
Generated recycled plastics are used for everyday stationery items such as ball pens which are used everyday, cover for internal parts in the Washlet and pallets used in logistics.
We will continue to study more effective modes of collection and product designs that allows easier recycling, as well as other applications of plastics.

Flow of Collection (TOM : TOTO Maintenance LTD.)

Flow of Recycling

Further Information on Applications (including past applications)

Product- to- product recycling (from Washlet to Washlet)

Utilization as internal components for some models (for covers of components covers).

Recycling into Shipping Pallets

Plastic components of toilet seats are recycled into shipping pallets that the TOTO Group uses in its sites.

Recycling as Stationery

Utilization of recycled plastics from Washlets as raw materials for parts of stationery or plastic bags (bags used at environmental exhibitions)

*The stationery and bags shown here are for display at environmental exhibitions, and are not displayed or given out at TOTO showrooms. (They are not for sale.)