We intensify our efforts for environmental conservation activities from a global perspective.

As we have organized the corporate philosophy of TOTO Group, our environmental policy has been reborn as that shared by all the people of TOTO Group. With our business activities expanded to the world today, we promote environmental conservation activities as a mission of the entire TOTO Group.


The TOTO Group believes that protection of the environment is an issue of the most vital importance. We will do everything in our power to contribute to a sustainable society through ensuring that our corporate management is acutely aware of the environment.


  1. We contribute to environmental load conservation by developing products and services with positive environmental impact such as water-saving and air purification.
  2. We reduce environmental load at every stage of our business activities.
  3. We construct environmental management systems and make continuous efforts to improve these systems.
  4. We promote the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.
  5. We realize a better global environment by means of better communication.

Full Text of Global Environmental Policy