Engagement with Stakeholders



Policy of Engagement with Stakeholders

To realize a better society, TOTO values the idea of “engagement with stakeholders” that means building a trustworthy and collaborative relationship with them.

Stakeholders for TOTO

CSR Communication with Stakeholders
  • * At the TOTO Group, all persons working for the TOTO Group are referred to as "empioyees."

CSR Communication with Stakeholders

TOTO Group Communication Policy

In order for the TOTO Group to remain a business enterprise that fulfills a social need, we are making efforts to enhance the satisfaction of stakeholders through communication, to collect, disclose and utilize information suitably and promptly, and to cooperate with shareholders.

The TOTO Group views communication with all stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, business partners and society, as extremely important and constantly endeavors to strengthen relations.
To deepen interaction with customers, we communicate with customers through various occasions, such as events at our showrooms, plant tours and summer festivals. We always attempt to have open and frank discussions with our business partners through Policy briefing and CSR forums. The Company also seeks to disclose appropriate information in a timely manner to shareholders, as well as offers invitations to tour factories and showrooms to gain an understanding of TOTO manufacturing. We will continue aiming to increase stakeholder satisfaction through communication as a means to enhance corporate activities.
Stakeholders Response to stakeholders Main communication methods
Customers The TOTO Group exerts efforts to assure, maintain and enhance the satisfaction of every customer by continually offering products and services that surpass customer expectations. Customers support
Society The TOTO Group aims to find solutions for issues in local communities and at a global scale, and effectively uses its management resources for activities aimed at social contribution and coexistence with communities. For the Society
TOTO Water Environment Fund
Employees Based on respect for human life and dignity, the TOTO Group continuously develops creative and self-sufficient human resources and contributes to greater employee satisfaction and creation of the living culture of customers.
TOTO Group Awareness Survey
Management and Labor Dialogue
Business Partners Through fair and equitable purchasing and in cooperation with suppliers, the TOTO Group continues to offer valuable products and services for customers.
Policy Briefing Session for Suppliers
Questionnaire for Supplier
Shareholders The TOTO Group maintains communication based on its IR policy for ensuring transparency and fairness of information disclosed to its investors.
Shareholders' Meeting
Explanatory Meetings for Private Investors
Visiting Institutional Investors

Independent Practitioner's Assurance

In order to improve the reliability of communication with stakeholders, TOTO has received independent practitioner’s assurance for certain data disclosed.

Collaboration and Support with Organizations

Participation in Economic and Industry Organizations

TOTO contributes to solving social issues through participation in economic and industry organizations and communication with them.

・Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association
・The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association
・Japan Fine Ceramics Association
・Japan Valve Manufacturers’ Association
・Japan Business Federation
・Kyushu Economic Federation
・The Kitakyushu Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Political Contributions

The amount of contributions to political parties from FY 2017 to FY 2020 is as shown below.
Employees are obligated to go through an examination process before making a donation or giving patronage. By doing so, violations of the prohibition of giving property benefits (Article 120 of the Companies Act) and the Political Funds Control Act are prevented.
(Unit: thousand yen)
FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
4,400 5,000 3,900 3,400