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For fiscal year 2015, we mainly exchanged opinions on the TOTO Global Environmental Vision with specialists in regards to the future direction of TOTO's CSR activities. The comments and suggestions received will be incorporated into our activities in an attempt to resolve global social issues.

Dialogue Hosting Outline

March 5, 2014 (Wed) TOTO Tokyo Shiodome office

March 5, 2014 (Wed) TOTO Tokyo Shiodome office
Theme Future Direction of TOTO's CSR Activities
Mizue Unno
Mizue Unno
Managing Director
So-Tech Consulting Inc.
Participants from TOTO 3people (CSR department chief, personnel management and planning)
Event details
  • Explanation of from TOTO (TOTO Group Human Rights Due Diligence Initiatives)
  • TOTO and participants exchange opinions

Symbolized by the TOTO Global Environmental Vision, TOTO's CSR activities have taken root and are now in the phase for further advancement. The basic direction of the activities is as follows:
1. Be conscious of sustainability issues on a global scale
2. Further emphasize TOTO's uniqueness
3. Realize the aims of the TOTO V-Plan 2017.
In recent years, businesses have been seeking solutions to global social issues by applying their strengths to meet the trends of international initiatives. Proposed as the world's common goals for 2015 and beyond, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are based on the development of developing and emerging countries, and are intended to help classify the different social issues they face. Players in industrial circles are proactively addressing these issues in an effort to win the support of stakeholders. This is a fact that must not be overlooked. In light of TOTO's business characteristics, we should focus our emphasis on water and hygiene, taking into account how sustainability issues are viewed on a global scale as described above. We need to positively incorporate these two SDG challenges into our actions so that we can accelerate our business expansion into emerging countries.
While they are both related, each of these challenges is a major matter of global importance, and it is vital that we pay attention to both of them. In this regard, TOTO appears to have not fully addressed the issue of hygiene. Only a limited part of the world has access to sewerage. As a business, we are tested on how we cope with circumstances directly linked to the issue of clean water in areas where sewerage has yet to be constructed. One challenge we face is to tackle the issue of hygiene head on and demonstrate our attitude towards it.
Current TOTO Global Environmental Vision fails to explicitly describe this matter. While we cover it indirectly, we need to define hygiene as an issue, and then lay out and implement the roadmap to address it. One effective approach in this context is to strategically combine local contribution activities. This is an approach often taken by global firms today. We need to forge a sense of unity under the TOTO brand, and connect it to various regional activities currently in progress at different parts around the world. Winning the trust of local stakeholders will help motivate employees and encourage them to take the initiative.
It is essential that we send out information. Japan is the only country in world where taking action itself is recognized. In other parts of the world, action without explanation is considered to be no action all. This is a commonly accepted fact of global management. There are already many advanced companies implementing these kinds of sustainability strategies. We hope to generate innovation within TOTO while learning these points.