TOTO Group is carrying out various activities with an emphasis on the three sectors of preserving the water environment, creating sanitary and comfortable living environment and developing the next generation based on Group social contribution and local community harmony policies.

TOTO Group Social Contribution and Local Community Harmony Policies

TOTO Group conducts social contribution and local community harmony activities and effectively utilizes management resources to resolve social issues on a regional and global scale.

TOTO Group Corporate Citizenship Policy

  • The TOTO Group fulfills its corporate mission by conducting activities that help create a rich and comfortable living culture, with a focus on plumbing.
  • The TOTO Group contributes to the development of communities as a good corporate citizen by conducting activities that help revitalize, maintain and develop local communities.

Activities in Priority Issues

Following the Medium-Term and Long-Term Management Plans and working in line with the TOTO Global Environmental Vision, we engage in both social contribution activities and community coexistence activities on a global scale. As a company offering bathroom and kitchen plumbing products, we capitalize on the strengths we have built up over the years to conduct activities in collaboration with TOTO Group personnel and stakeholders in different countries and regions in areas where we can help resolve local and social issues.

Promotion System

Approaches to activities

PDCA Cycle for Social Contribution and Local Community Harmony Activities

FY2019 Social Contribution and Local Community Harmony Activity Results

Amount spent on social contribution in FY2019 : 1.39 billion yen

Breakdown of expenditures by field

Promotion of volunteer activity

The TOTO Group has promoted employees' participation in the Green Volunteer social contribution activities related to the environment, such as tree planting and local cleanup. The main activities are environmental hosted by the grant receiving organizations of the TOTO Water Environment Fund and by the TOTO Acorn Reforestation Project, where employees plant acorn seedlings that they grew. In addition, employees, their families, and our business partners actively participate in a variety of volunteer activities that each business site organizes.

To further advance the initiatives we have taken, we have been expanding the range of volunteer activities to other priority areas since 2016. With the goal of 100% participation by our employees, we are promoting participation of all employees of the whole Group. The participation rate is calculated by dividing the cumulative total number of attendance by the total number of employees consolidated. Participating in activities and information exchanges are leading to interaction with people in the local communities, and the circle of activities is widening every year.


FY2019 Number of Volunteer participants ; 43,400 persons

Number of Volunteer Activity participant (total)

Based on the TOTO Group Corporate Citizenship Policy, TOTO maintains a PDCA cycle for promoting effective, efficient actions.

Employee activities

We have established programs and mechanisms for motivating TOTO Group employees to become actively involved in volunteer and other social contribution activities.

Volunteer activity leave program

We have launched a program that allows employees to take leave so that they can go out and do volunteer work. The program allows each employee to take a special paid leave for a maximum of five days per year or accumulate the maximum allotment of annual paid of 30 days that may only be used for designated purposes, such as volunteer activities.

Sharing volunteer activity information

The TOTO Group Intranet site carries information about organizations in Japan looking for volunteers as well as volunteer activity reports, and shares this information within the Group.
The TOTO website has a page for environmental photo reports. It shares and publishes information about the environmental volunteer activities conducted by TOTO Group employees, including those of overseas companies.