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Dissemination of water-related culture

TOTO Museum

TOTO Museum
The TOTO Museum was founded as part of the commemorative project to celebrate the Group’s one-hundredth anniversary in 2017. It showcases the history of our efforts to create comfort and culture in everyday life and the spirit of manufacturing that has been passed down to the current generation. The Group aims for the museum to be an attractive facility that serves as both an interface with stakeholders and as a landmark that transmitting the TOTO brand from Kokura, the place where it was born, to the rest of the world. In 2017, about 70 thousand people visited this museum.

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Architectural culture creation and cultivation


Toyo Ito Exhibition- The Making of the Taichung Metropolitan Opera House 2005 - 2014 © Nacása & Partners Inc.

TOTO Gallery MA
en: art of nexus―
―Homecoming Exhibition of the Japan Pavilion
from the 15th International Architecture Exhibition
- La Biennale di Venezia

©  Nacasa & Partners Inc.
The TOTO Gallery Ma, a gallery specializing in architecture and design, has showcased philosophy and works of architects and designers since its opening in 1985. Its activities are expanding inside and outside Japan and conduct lectures for students studying architecture and those engaged in architectural business around Japan, as well as having exhibitions and lectures in cooperation with TOTO Group's overseas business sites. In 2017, about 20 thousand people visited this gallery.

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TOTO Publishing

Main publications in fiscal 2017

Main publications in fiscal 2017

Since its founding in 1989, it has been publishing books with unique perspectives on architecture, design and lifestyles. From 1995, it has been publishing books linked to TOTO GALLERY · MA to present multifaceted concepts by different architects and designers.

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Global Human Resources Training

“TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program,” a Japan public-private partnership student study abroad program

"Tobitate! Ryugaku Japan" is a study abroad promotional campaign that has been initiated with the goal of giving motivated and capable young Japanese people an opportunity to begin a new challenge by studying overseas. TOTO endorses this endeavor by supporting the "TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program," a Japan public-private partnership student study abroad program which was established in 2014.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program website

TOTO Cup International Junior Go Championship

Junior go players engaged in a fierce battle

Junior go players engaged
in a fierce battle

Since 2004, we have sponsored the International Junior Go Championship to promote international exchanges through the game of go and to support the healthy upbringing of children. These events bring together junior go players aged 3 to 18 who have been invited from China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dalian) and Taipei, or who have won preliminary tournaments in Kyushu or Yamaguchi prefecture. The players fiercely compete against each other on the go board, which promotes interaction between them.

Promotion for Arts and Sports

Promotion for Arts and Sports Kitakyushu International Music Festival

Kitakyushu International Music Festival
STOTO, which has its headquarters in Kitakyushu, has been a special supporter of this festival since it was first held in 1988 as we endorse the goal of the city of Kitakyushu in Fukushima Prefecture, which is to "develop a city redolent with culture." Every year, the festival brings in major artists from Japan and other countries and provides large numbers of visitors with an opportunity for musical appreciation. We have also continually provided an educational program that gives children from pre-school age through to junior high school age the opportunity to feel the joy of music by experiencing a full-scale concert.

Kitakyushu International Music Festival

Kids Challenge Sports Meet/Healthy Kids Marathon Event

TOTO holds the Kids Challenge Sports Meet on May 5 (2005 onwards), which is Children's Day in Japan, to convey the fun of sports to children. More than 1,000 children and their parents and guardians build up a refreshing sweat as they participate in contests of physical strength and various sports events.
TOTO also holds the Healthy Kids Marathon Event every January (since 2007) with the aim of raising the physical strength of young children. A total of more than 500 children full of energy aim to reach the goal while the north wind blows and their families cheer them on.

Kids Challenge Sports Meet ①
Kids Challenge Sports Meet ①

Kids Challenge Sports Meet ②
Kids Challenge Sports Meet ②

Healthy Kids Marathon Event
Healthy Kids Marathon Event