TOTO's Materiality

The TOTO Group considers materiality as meaning the activities and themes that have an impact on value creation both at TOTO and for society when promoting CSR management.
In the identification process, we refer to the United Nations Global Compact and the SDGs and make an analysis from two dimensions, in other words, the themes that lead to value creation for the entire society and for TOTO.
Then, we determined three material topics as the themes that have an impact on value creation for both the company and society based on our Mission, which is a word that is the declaration of intent to implement in the mid or long-term the primary items for sustained growth in the TOTO Group’s Philosophy System.

Identifying Materiality

The CSR Committee is convened with the president as the chairperson to discuss and identify materiality following the steps below.

Initiatives to Tackle Materiality

TOTO developed and is promoting the Global Environmental Vision as a concrete CSR activity plan based on materiality.