TOTO Group Business Overview

The TOTO Group consists of TOTO Ltd., 51 subsidies, and 5 affiliates. The major business fields are as follows:
・Domestic housing equipment business: Main products include restrooms, baths, kitchens, vanity units, etc.
・Overseas housing equipment business: Main products include rest rooms, baths, vanity units, etc.
・New business domains:Main products include ceramic, tiles and the Hydrotect product.

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【TOTO Group Supply Chain】

Structual rate of procurement expenses

The TOTO Group procures raw materials and goods from suppliers around the world.
The ratio of overseas suppliers in the total procurement amount is around 20%.

Policy and Management System

Human Rights Policy

In accordance with the "Charter of TOTO Group Corporate Behavior", the TOTO Group supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which sets international standards for human rights, and the ILO (International Labour Organization) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

The "Charter of TOTO Group Corporate Behavior", which defines the basic stance of all the people working in group activities, upholds respect for human rights and international standards. The Charter also states that TOTO's supply chain companies will also fully respect international standards in a similar manner. The international standards stated in the charter include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO (International Labour Organization) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
Furthermore, as stipulated in the "TOTO Group Procurement Policy", the TOTO Group fulfills its corporate responsibility in all aspects of management, environment, and society and carries out balanced activities with the aim of achieving the sustainable development of businesses, society, and the earth. Through fair, equitable purchasing from suppliers, the TOTO Group continues to offer valuable products and services to customers.
Prior to initiating transactions with suppliers, the TOTO Group confirms the state of their corporate social responsibility policies governing labor, sanitation, environmental precautions, and human rights, including provisions on forced labor and in addition to quality, cost, and delivery dates. This ensures that suppliers comply with our standards and policies as a condition for starting new transactions. A similar system has been applied to overseas suppliers.

System for the purpose of upholding human rights

In Japan, the TOTO Group has established a Committee for Promoting Training on Human Rights Issues in order to train and educate employees with the goal of pleasant, discrimination-free workplaces, families and society.
Business executives, and regular employees are all trained separately, and in FY2017 approximately 17,000 persons attended these training sessions.
We promote appropriate education and training inside the group in order to ensure compliance with the TOTO Group Business Behavior Guidelines for the entire TOTO Group. The guidelines emphasize respect for human rights and are translated into 13 languages to ensure compliance by all people working within the TOTO Group.

Initiatives to Identify Important Human Rights Issues of TOTO

Practice of human rights due diligence

The TOTO Group participates in the "United Nations Global Compact," and refers to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and a variety of other international standards.

In fiscal 2013, an organization and verification of the status of the TOTO Group's initiatives towards human rights issues was carried out and a dialogue between the CSR Department and external experts was conducted in March 2014. Besides obtaining an evaluation of the current initiatives through the dialogue, TOTO also received advice from the extensive perspective of the external experts regarding the following initiatives. (*Dialogue with experts)

Critical Human Rights Issues

[Participation in Human Rights Due Diligence Workshops]

TOTO participated in a stakeholder engagement program organized by NPO Caux Round Table Japan (Human Rights Due Diligence Workshop).
Since 2012, this workshop identifies "Important Human Rights Issues for Each Industry" based on the participation of multiple stakeholders such as companies, NGO/NPO, and experts with the aim of putting the United Nations "Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights" into practice in companies.
Through its participation in the workshops, TOTO has deepened its understanding of the relationship between its business activities and human rights and also the context in which human rights violations occur. This understanding is reflected in TOTO's initiatives on human rights due diligence e.g. in the identification of important human rights issues etc.

[Supply Chain Efforts]

The TOTO Group cooperates with suppliers to lead a joint effort in respecting human rights by members of its supply chain.

As part of its activities, the TOTO Group implements policy briefings, questionnaires, and on-site audits in consideration of the social situation to evolve our approach to human rights. We carry out a survey based on the standards set by the group, and suppliers are required to achieve these standards as a condition of doing business with TOTO. When a supplier fails to achieve these standards, the supplier will be asked to develop an improvement plan and implement measures according to the plan.
Share the PolicySelf-assessmentAuditsCorrective action
Content of initiatives ・Policy Briefing Session for Suppliers
・Confirm supplier compliance with the
 standards prior to initiating a
・Questionnaire survey ・Site monitoring ・Follow-up activities by improvement
【Share the TOTO Group Policy】
・TOTO Group Purchasing Policy
・Production information
・Importance of CSR

【Commendation of the Suppliers】
・Presented letter of appreciation
【Questionnaire items for suppliers】
1.Human rights/labor
4.Information security
5.Supplier management
6.Fairness/ethical conduct
8.Social contributions
・Visiting suppliers
・Visit the production area of raw
・CSR interview sessions
【Follow-up activities】
・Understand the state of efforts
・Confirm the results after
FY 2017 results 【Share the Policy】
609 companies attended
【Commendation of the Suppliers】
Commendation of 39 companies
【Questionnaire results】
Extract suppliers that need confirmation for details.
Visited mainly overseas suppliers.
【Follow-up activities】
Follow-up of suppliers who need confirmation for details.

Response to relief measures

TOTO Group in Japan: Internal/External Hotlines

TOTO has a system of internal and external hotlines for receiving reports of actual or potential workplace compliance problems and resolving them. These hotlines are available when problems cannot be reported or resolved through the chain of authority.
Reports can be filed via email, telephone or sealed letters, etc., and the name and other details of the reporting party are kept strictly confidential. The system can be used by TOTO Group employees in Japan as well as trading partners of the group's companies.

TOTO Group in Japan: Internal/External Hotlines

Overseas - China: External Hotlines

Outside Japan, the whistleblowing system was enlarged in October 2015 and made accessible to the employees of all group companies in China.
Information can be reported by e-mail, or filling out a Web form, and the name of the informer and other information is kept confidential.