Global Environmental Targets for Past (Result)



Global Environment Targets (Results from FY 2018 to 2020)

Vision Main Initiatives Indicators FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Cleanliness and Comfort Global expansion of clean and comfortable toilets CEFIONTECT shipment ratio (overseas) 71% 79% 83%
Percentage of Tornado Flush units shipped (overseas) 36% 44% 46%
Number of WASHLET units shipped(overseas) 0.58 million units 0.63 million units 0.77 million units
Environment Widespread adoption of water-saving products Reduction in water consumption during product use *1 860 million m3 940 million m3 930 million m3
CO2 emission reductions Reduction in total CO2 emissions from business sites 351 thousand tons 344 thousand tons 307 thousand tons
Reduction in CO2 emission reductions due to implemented measures 9 thousand tons 24 thousand tons 38 thousand tons
Reduction in CO2 emissions during product use *1 3.23 million tons 3.46 million tons 3.21 million tons
Social contribution activities rooted in local communities Number of projects that help solve local issues (cumulative number from FY2018) 38 cases 77 cases 96 cases
Relationships Improved customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction from after-sales services (Japan) 91.5% 91.3% 91.6%
Ratio of repairs completed within two days of reception (overseas) 75.7% 78.4% 84.8%
Promoting employee volunteer activities Percentage of employees taking part in volunteer activities (total number of participants / number of consolidated employees = participation rate) 100% or more 100% or more 67%
Become a company that is pleasant to work at Annual paid leave usage rate (Japan) 80.8% 89.8% 89.1%
Percentage of female managers (Japan) 10.9% 12.3% 14.0%
Turnover rate due to major life events (Japan) *2 3.4% 2.9% 2.1%

*1 Reduction effects compared to if 2005-era products continued to be distributed.
*2 Turnover rate of employees raising or caring for children who want to continue work.