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Initiatives to reduce CO2 by improvement in water-saving and energy-saving performance of products

By globally rolling out water-saving and energy-saving products, the TOTO Group has been promoting the initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions during the produce use phase and prevent global warming. As compared to if 2005-era products continued to be distributed, we reduced emissions by 3.21 million tons in FY 2020.
As the target in WILL2030 STAGE1, we aim to reduce emissions by 3.6 million tons in FY 2023 and strive to expand and commercialize water-saving and energy-saving products.

Transition of Total CO2 emission reductions during product use

Contribution to global reduction in CO2 emissions from improvement in water and energy efficiency of products (compared to FY2005)

Bathroom Water Conservation Initiatives

TOTO has continued to undertake development of water-saving showers, insulated bathtubs, etc., and has been working to improve the water-saving and energy-saving performance of the bathroom which uses more energy than any other plumbing equipment in the home.

Progress made in reducing CO2 emissions generated during the usage of products in the bathroom

Progress made in reducing CO2 emissions generated during the usage of products in the bathroom

Comfort Wave Shower , Air-in-Shower

Comfort Wave Shower                     Air-in-Shower     

Air in Shower
Optimal water flow: 6.5 L/minute
(35% savings over conventional shower)
Comfort Wave Shower
The newly developed nozzle can produce large drops of water and powerfully spray and swing them. This new technology realizing both water-saving and comfortable stimulation contribute to reduce CO2 emissions.

The new technology mixes air into shower water to make larger water drops that give a comfortable showering feeling, realizing both water-saving and comfort, and leading to contributions to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Having adopted these technologies for bathroom products, Comfort Wave Shower and Air-in-Shower account for over 70% of all TOTO showers for bathrooms shipped domestically in FY 2020.

Expansion overseas

Expansion overseas
TOTO has also deployed the technology and environmental performance of Comfort Wave Shower and Air-in-Shower overseas.
We have advanced a number of product variations according to the overseas culture of showering and depending on the characteristics of each region.
We are committed to promoting the wider use of this technology.

Kitchen and Washstand Water Conservation Initiatives

Eco Single faucet

Built so water heater stays off even when lever is in center position.
This faucet is designed to prevent unconscious use of the water heater when the lever is in the frequently used center position. Since no unnecessary hot water is used, it reduces CO2.
Having expanded the use of Eco Single faucets in kitchen and washroom products, in fiscal 2020, Eco Single faucets accounted for over 90% of all kitchen fittings shipped.

Touch-switch Water Broom faucets LF equipped in the latest modular kitchen CRASSO
We also equipped TOTO's Water Broom faucets used in CRASSO modular kitchens, that achieved water-saving by means of a wide-flow shower, with the “Eco Single” function. Furthermore, by adding the touch-switch function and Air-in function, CRASSO has enhanced its environmental performance.