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Results in FY 2019

As a result of introducing the latest energy-saving equipment and high-efficiency equipment, sharing know-how in energy-saving activities, and actively introducing renewable energy, transition of total CO2 emission reductions due to measures implemented have achieved the cumulative target for FY2022, total CO2 emissions from business sites has achieved the target for FY2019.
While CO2 emissions from the TOTO Group have a tendency to increase with its expanded business activities, we will still strengthen our efforts for CO2 emission reduction after FY2018 based on the 10th Global Environmental Action Plan to 2022.

Transition of total CO2 emission reductions due to measures implemented

Total CO2 emissions from business sites

*CO2 emission coefficient
Electricity:CO2 emission coefficients from electricity purchased based on TOTO Group contracts.
Factor other than electricity: Guideline for Calculation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Version 4.3.1) published by Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
*CO2 emissions from non-CO2 and non-energy CO2 sources were not included.

Initiatives to Curb CO2 Emissions

Fuel Conversion

We are accelerating a fuel conversion to fuel and electricity with low CO2 emissions used in our business activities.Melting facilities in NANJING TOTO Co., Ltd., used in a casting process of ceramic products, such as bathtubs and washbowls, were changed from cupola furnaces to electric ones in 2018, which has contributed significantly to improvement in energy efficiency and reduction in CO2 emissions in production by the conversion of energy for the equipment from coke to electricity. This re-equipping is also expected to prevent air pollution in the surrounding area of the factory.

Introduction of and replacement with energy-saving equipment

Introduction of and replacement with high-efficiency equipment including air conditioners, lighting equipment, and transformers, and LED lights are promoted in the entire TOTO Group.
The TOTO Kokura No.3 Plant Logistics Building, which was completed in January 2015, is equipped with 5,000 LED lighting fixtures that are set and adjusted for each area. There is a system that centrally controls the lighting from a control room to ensure that the facility has optimal lighting while saving electrical energy.

A view of the Kokura No.3 Plant from the outside
A view of the Kokura No.3 Plant from the outside

LED lighting installed within the factory
LED lighting installed within the factory

Procurement of renewable energy

TOTO U.S.A., Inc. participates in the Green Power Program of GEOGIA POWER COMPANY and proactively procurement renewable energy to contribute in reducing CO2 emission during electricity generation.We have purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) generated by solar energy from Georgia Power Company. The procurement volume in 2019 reached the equivalent of 12.25 million kWh, reducing in 8,662 tons of CO2. This active procurement received the Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in FY 2017.
In Japan, we have procured 15.07 million KWh, which is more than four times that of fiscal 2018.

*CO2 reductions are calculated from the United States Environmental Protection Agency's greenhouse gas equivalencies-calculator site.

Introduction of renewable energy

TOTO MTEC Gunma sales office
TOTO had installed solar power generation facilities in Japan at the Chigasaki Plant, Headquarters and the Kokura No. 1 Plant, the Shiga Plant, TOTO MTEC, TOTO MTEC Nagano sales office, TOTO MUSEUM and TOTO MTEC Gunma sales office . Also, we have installed similar facility overseas at TOTO (BEIJING) and TAIWAN TOTO by 2017.

Conduct of energy saving diagnostics

State of energy saving diagnostics
We have conducted in-house, on-site energy saving diagnostics for our small-scale factories (crude oil equivalent: 100 kL or more and less than 1,500 kL) in Japan in line with the common diagnostic components of TOTO Group such as energy management, facility management, and compliance with laws. Through strengthened energy management system in each business site, collection and sharing of information of energy conservation between the sites, we are striving to reduce energy consumption of the entire TOTO Troup.

Energy Conservation Activities in Our Offices

The TOTO Group promotes energy conservation activities in our offices in accordance.
Looking at our monthly performance management, we visualize power use in each workplace based on the data from our Ecological Data Collection System, which centrally manages data concerning the amount of energy used throughout the company. Energy conservation measures are being driven at each of our bases by the feedback this enables.

Energy-saving activities at the office①

Energy-saving activities at the office②

Energy-saving activities at the office③

Poster promoting energy conservation in offices, 2018
[Poster promoting energy conservation in offices, 2019]
Cool Biz: 28℃ , Warm Biz: 19℃
For TOTO Group initiatives in Japan during seasons with a heavy air-conditioning load, we come into line with the Ministry of the Environment-let initiative, COOL Choice, to conduct Cool biz and Warm biz as an energy-saving activity. In the future, besides working to ensure sustained inculcation of environmental consciousness among all TOTO employees, TOTO will also continue to implement organizational measures to help combat the effects of global warming .

Initiatives to reduce CO2 emission of company cars

We are promoting initiatives to reduce CO2 emission of company cars by reducing fuel usage. Through creating TOTO's own eco drive system for company cars used in Group companies in Japan, we are improving the eco driving skill by enabling drivers to see the fuel consumption. In addition, standards for purchasing vehicles are formulated to purchase vehicles that are optimum depending on its travel distance and frequency of usage and reduce fuel consumption.

Green Factory Initiatives

TOTO has been renewing outdated production facilities in Japan as part of restructuring the sanitary ware business in Japan from 2008.
TOTO is introducing state-of-the-art production facilities in updating the production line to promote increase in productivity while also introducing latest fiber kiln, LED lightings and other high efficiency facilities and applying environmental building material HYDROTECT Color Coat, a TOTO's “only one” technology, to promote green factory.
The new west building at TOTO's Shiga Plant, which was constructed as TOTO's model green factory, was awarded top honors, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize, in the energy-saving activities category of the FY2013 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (organized by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan, with support by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) for its “project for a model plant with state-of-the-art energy-saving technologies.”
Further, construction of a new sanitary ware production plant building at TOTO Sanitechno Nakatsu Plant commenced from April, 2015, and operations commenced in May 2017.

External view

High-combustion-efficiency kiln ①

High-combustion-efficiency kiln ②