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Initiatives to reduce transport fuel - promoting green logistics

Reduction rate of transport fuel basic unit
at domestic sites(compared to FY2013)

  • Scope: TOTO and all manufacturing group companies in Japan
To reduce CO2 emissions, we are striving to decrease the consumption of transport fuel, increasing transportation efficiency by improving loading methods and doing joint deliveries in cooperation with shipping companies and sales dealers.

In fiscal 2019, we have achieved reduction of 6.4% compared to the 2013 level through strengthening information sharing regarding initiatives within the Group companies.

*The reduction rate declined in FY 2018 from FY 2017 because of the emergency response to the heavy rain disaster in the Chugoku area and the deterioration of units of output by declined cargo volume.

Example of reducing transport fuel

logistics and transportation

The collection of (parts maker) of each supplier collected cargo by one truck, and TOTO carried out "the supply physical distribution" which delivered a lump to TOTO plant from 2014 and wrestled by CO2 reduction by the truck reduction.
I build a distribution infrastructure network to Kanto - Kyushu now.
I plan transportation efficiency by investigating all company horses for courses style, and coming true and will aim at the Environmental load reduction in future.

Current state and future vision for procurement and transportation

Current state and future vision for procurement and transportation

System kitchen

TOTO carries out "the cooperation delivery" beyond the fence in the delivery of the system kitchen in the every prefecture except the part area in Cleanup Corporation having a competing relation on a sale side and a distribution side.
I am improved in future and realize reduction of the truck vehicle number, the improvement of the loading rate (this theme won "Councillor Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry commercial affairs distribution preservation commendation" in "green distribution partnership excellence company commendation" in 2015) and work on Environmental load reduction.

Example of improved use of fuel in transportation (Thailand)

We improved loading efficiency by changing the pallets used when loading containers, from plastic pallets to sheet pallets.
(1) By enabling pallets to be stacked 3 high, loading efficiency was improved by 50%.

(2) Previously, pallets had had empty spaces.By changing to sheet pallets, we were able to fill in the empty spaces, and loading efficiency improved by 11%.