11th Global Environmental Action Plan

Evaluation Index (KPI) Scope Base Year FY2023 (Targets)
Reduction in water consumption during product use * Japan・overseas - 1,1 billion m3
Reduction in CO2 emissions during product use * Japan・overseas - 3.6 million tons
Reduction in total CO2 emissions from business sites Japan・overseas - 294 thousand tons
Reduction in CO2 emissions due to implemented measures Japan・overseas FY2020 42 thousand tons
Quantity of water consumption*2 Japan・overseas - 3.29 million m3
Reduction in water use per unit*2 Japan・overseas FY2018 5.0%
Reduction of fuel used for transportation per unit Japan FY2013 10.0%
Reduction rate of the use of packaging materials Japan FY2013 10.0%
Reduction rate of waste at the production site
(reduction of production output intensity)
Japan FY2017 3.0%
Recycling rate at the production sites Japan - 99% or more
Overseas - 98% or more
Usage rate of legal and recycled materials for wood-based materials used in products Japan・overseas - 100%
Violations of related environmental laws Japan・overseas - 0 cases
* Reduction effects compared to if 2005-era products continued to be distributed.