Environmental Education for Employees



TOTO Group entire business rests on the knowledge, awareness and actions of our people. We develop human resources with the aim of meeting the TOTO Global Environmental Vision . Under this vision, each employee has a strong awareness and sensitivity of the environment and expands our environmental initiatives through their own actions.

General Concept of Human Resources Development

Build employees' potential through the steps of gaining knowledge, changing awareness and taking action.
Develop the individual and enhance organizational strength through opportunities to put their potential to work. Continuously provide such opportunities and create an environment in which all employees can act on their own volition and put their potential to work.

The first concrete thing to do for the development of human resources is to provide plenty of opportunities to acquire knowledge. Those who acquire knowledge undergo a change of awareness, putting their potential into practice in a number of ways in their daily work or doing green volunteering on their own volition. We believe that the result is a stronger organization.

Employee Environmental Education

1. Opportunities for acquiring environmental knowledge

In order for each and every employee to think about environmental issues, to raise their awareness of environmental conservation activities and to promote voluntary environmental activities, we are developing types of training, which includes general training for each type of participant and theme, hierarchy-based training, specialized training and ISO training at each worksite.

[General training]
We are using the e-Learning system introduced in 2004 for continuous environmental training in order to create a better understanding of CSR and the environment.

[Specialized training]
In order to strengthen the safety and security of our products and services, we are developing training materials on such themes as chemical substances contained in products and 3R, and we are promoting the acquisition of specialized knowledge.

[Hierarchy-based training]
Training is being implemented to provide essential environmental knowledge to each person, including basic training for new employees, and CSR/environmental training for newly promoted employees.,

General training


Specialized training

Training materials

Hierarchy-based training


2. Opportunities for raising environmental awareness

In order for voluntary initiatives to have an effect within the company, we report information and initiatives being carried out by individuals and in each department on the internal environmental website, which is raising the environmental awareness of employees and is stimulating environmental activities internally. Use of the site has been progressing positively since it went live in February 2011, and the number of visitors has steadily increased alongside contributions from employees. In addition to the website, we are also using other paper media, such as the company newsletter, to raise awareness of global environmental issues in general.
Based on such activities, “TOTO Global Environmental Vision,” the company's environmental vision, is steadily being better understood, and the conduct and practices of Group employees are showing an environmental awareness.

Internal environmental website
Internal environmental website

In-house magazine
In-house magazine

In-house magazine
In-house magazine

3. Opportunities for conveying information to society

In order to convey to society the knowledge and awareness acquired from internal training and environmental education opportunities, we are implementing activities where employees can communicate the importance of environmental conservation through various initiatives, such as environmental lessons held at schools and seminars held at events.

Environmental lesson held at school
Environmental lesson held at school

Seminar held at event
Seminar held at event

4. Opportunities for workplace implementation

We are also increasing our environmental activities by providing opportunities to implement the various initiatives from 1 to 3 at each business site.