Environmental Management System

The TOTO Group has formulated an environmental management system to realize its ultimate environmental goals.

The TOTO Group has adopted the following management system for advancing environmental conservation activities. Company-wide environmental management reviews led by management are conducted twice a year within the Management Committee. Here, discussion is held on TOTO’s progress toward achieving company-wide environmental goals, as well as on important matters relating to the continual improvement of the management system. As for technical matters, technical subcommittees have been established to lead the entire TOTO Group, including domestic and overseas Group companies, with respect to objectives and measures.
The TOTO Group has gained unified ISO 14001 certification, with a focus on our manufacturing divisions (including domestic manufacturing Group companies) and plant management divisions. Continual improvements are made to our environmental management system in order for the PDCA cycle to function effectively across the entire TOTO Group.

Augmenting our environmental management systems from a global perspective

Augmenting and expanding our environmental management systems

The TOTO Group has proactively introduced the ISO 14001 standard in its environmental management system to enhance environmental contribution activities.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification in Japan

The TOTO Group has completed acquisition of unified ISO 14001 certification for all TOTO plants, manufacturing Group companies in Japan and administrative division in the Headquarters.
Our branches and sales companies all use TOTO’s own Environmental Management System (TOTO EMS).

Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification overseas

As TOTO’s business expands globally, we are progressively introducing environmental management systems to our overseas Group companies and Group affiliated companies. Our aim is to have a flexible management system structure with the ISO 14001 as its base but allowing operations under TOTO’s own EMS (Environmental Management System).

Acquisition of ISO14001 certification in overseas manufacturing plants

Name of the company Acquisition status
TOTO MALAYSIA SDN.BHD. Certification acquired at September, 2000
TAIWAN TOTO CO., LTD. Certification acquired at November, 2004
TOTO (BEIJING) Co., Ltd. Certification acquired at December, 2004
TOTO (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Certification acquired at February, 2005
NANJING TOTO CO., LTD. Certification acquired at June, 2005
TOTO DALIAN CO.,LTD. Certification acquired at February, 2006
TOTO EAST CHINA CO., LTD. Certification acquired at September, 2006
TOTO (GUANGZHOU) CO.,LTD. Certification acquired at October, 2006
TOTO USA., INC Morrow Plant Certification acquired at February, 2007
TOTO VIETNAM CO., LTD. Certification acquired at January, 2008
TOTO USA., INC Lakewood Plant Certification acquired at February 2016
TOTO USA.,INC Fairburn Plant Certification acquired at February 2016
TOTO USA., INC Ontario Plant Certification acquired at February 2016
TOTO INDIA INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. Gujarat Plant Certification acquired at October 2016
TOTO MEXICO, S.A.DE. C.V. Certification acquired at December 2016
TOTO (Thailand) CO.,LTD. Plant 1 Certification acquired at May 2018
TOTO (FUJIAN) CO., LTD Certification acquired at September 2018
TOTO (Thailand) CO.,LTD. Plant 2 Certification acquired at May 2019
TOTO (Thailand) CO.,LTD. Plant 3 Certification acquired at September 2020
TOTO Germany, Gmbh Not acquired