The TOTO Group believes that protection of the environment is an issue of the most vital importance. We will do everything in our power to contribute to a sustainable society through ensuring that our corporate management is acutely aware of the environment.


  1. We contribute to environmental load conservation by developing products and services with positive environmental impact such as water- saving and air purification.
    • Environmental assessments are introduced at the stages of research, development and design of products and services, and products are manufactured in such a way that environmental load is reduced at each stage of procurement of raw materials, production, logistics, use and disposal of products. (Includes water-saving, air purification, energy-saving, resource saving, and chemical substance control)
  2. We reduce environmental load at every stage of our business activities
    • Introducing advanced technologies and good materials, we reduce environmental load by saving resources and energy, reducing waste and packaging materials, recycling, protecting the ozone layer to prevent
    • We also reduce environmental load in production by developing environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies.
  3. We construct environmental management systems and make continuous efforts to improve these systems.
    • Responsibilities for the promotion of environmental protection are clarified under the supervision of an executive officer in charge, and an environmental management organization is created to build environmental management system capable of internal environment auditing and it will be continually improved.
    • Properly assessing the impact of the organization’s activities and our products and services on the environment, while considering the environmental laws, agreements and other requirements of countries and communities where business sites are located, the environmental objectives, targets and programs are established.
    • It goes without saying that environmental laws and agreements are observed. Voluntary standards are also set to raise the management level for the prevention of pollution.
    • Emergency situations are specified and efforts are made to prevent them. Also, in an emergency, prompt and proper measures will beare taken.
  4. We promote the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.
    • The destruction of nature resulting from business activities is avoided and biodiversity is preserved.
    • We procure raw materials in each country in such a way that we do not harm the local environment and biodiversity.
    • Collaborating and cooperating with stakeholders, we contribute to building society that cultivates biodiversity.
  5. We realize a better global environment by means of better communication.
    • With the aim of improving environmental comprehension and awareness, environmental conservation avtivities are promoted while education and enlightenment activities are performed in and out of our Group.
    • In order to contribute to society as a good corporate citizen to realize a better global environment, participation in, and support of, public relations and environmental conservation activities in society and communities are promoted.
    • We will enhance communication about environmental conservation activities, and disclose information as need arises on how we are developing environmentally friendly products, services and technologies. and implementing environmental management.
    • Environmental policy is disclosed in and out of our Group.

Earth Environmental Policy