The TOTO Group considers conservation of the global environment to be one of the most important issues in need of addressing and contributes to the creation of a sustainable society by promoting highly environmentally conscious corporate management.


  1. The TOTO Group develops water-saving, air-cleaning and other environmentally friendly products and services and contributes to reducing the loads on the global environment.
    • The TOTO Group performs an environmental assessment from the stages of research and development and designing of products and services and carries out activities to reduce environmental loads through all stages, from material purchasing to production, distribution, utilization and disposal (water-saving, air cleaning, energy and resource conservation, controlling of chemicals, etc.).
  2. The TOTO Group reduces environmental loads in every process of its business activities.
    • In its efforts to reduce the environmental loads, the TOTO Group takes actions such as employing superior technology and materials, conserving resources and energy, reducing waste and packaging materials, recycling materials, and working to protect the ozone layer and prevent global warming.
    • The TOTO Group develops production technologies taking into account environmental conservation to reduce the environmental loads in production.
  3. The TOTO Group builds an environmental management system for making continuous improvement.
    • The responsibility for the promotion of environmental conservation is defined and the organization for environmental management is established under the Director in charge of environmental conservation in order to build and continuously improve an environmental management system that adopts environmental audits.
    • The effect of organizational activities and products and services on the environment is appropriately assessed, and environmental objectives, goals and programs are established in line with the environmental laws and regulations, agreements and other requirements of the countries and regions in which the businesses are located.
    • In addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations, agreements and other requirements, the TOTO Group establishes its own standards to improve the control level and prevent pollution.
    • The TOTO Group specifies states of emergency and strives to prevent them. Prompt and appropriate response is taken in the rare event of an accident.
  4. The TOTO Group strives for conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity.
    • The TOTO Group avoids destruction of nature caused by its business activities and strives to conserve biodiversity.
    • The TOTO Group purchases raw materials, taking the local environment and effect on biodiversity into consideration.
    • The TOTO Group works in cooperation with stakeholders and contributes to the creation of society that fosters biodiversity.
  5. Through active communication, the TOTO Group aims to achieve a better global environment.
    • The TOTO Group educates and enlightens people both inside and outside the TOTO Group to promote understanding and awareness of the global environment, and actively supports activities to conserve the global environment.
    • The TOTO Group actively participates in and supports environmental conservation in its publicity activities and in society and local communities from the viewpoint of contributing to society as a good corporate citizen, aiming to achieve a better global environment.
    • The TOTO Group carries out active communication in its environmental conservation activities and discloses information, as necessary, concerning the development and environmental management of environmentally friendly products, services and technologies.
    • This environmental policy is published both inside and outside the TOTO Group.

Global Environmental Policy