We intensify our efforts for environmental conservation activities from a global perspective.

As we have organized the corporate philosophy of TOTO Group, our environmental policy has been reborn as that shared by all the people of TOTO Group. With our business activities expanded to the world today, we promote environmental conservation activities as a mission of the entire TOTO Group.


The TOTO Group considers conservation of the global environment to be one of the most important issues in need of addressing and contributes to the creation of a sustainable society by promoting highly environmentally conscious corporate management.


  1. The TOTO Group develops water-saving, air-cleaning and other environmentally friendly products and services and contributes to reducing the loads on the global environment.
  2. The TOTO Group reduces environmental loads in every process of its business activities.
  3. The TOTO Group builds an environmental management system for making continuous improvement.
  4. The TOTO Group strives for conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity.
  5. Through active communication, the TOTO Group aims to achieve a better global environment.

Full Text of Global Environmental Policy