TOTO Group is developing human resources who can play an active role both in Japan and abroad to help us evolve into a truly a global company.
We are evolving from a focus on development of human resources by hierarchical position to a corporate culture of accepting challenges across all generations of employees to provide an opportunity for a corporate culture in which perpetual learning is instilled in each and every employee. Such a culture makes it possible to grow strong human resources capable of addressing global issues.

TOTO Group Human Resource Development Structure

For the succession and the development of technology unique to TOTO - Specialist system

The manufacturing of TOTO has been supported by high technology.“Specialist system” evaluates advanced researchers, engineers and skilled workers producing high technology as well as managers, and designates them as “Specialist”. In this way, this system aims for their career advancement as skilled workers and the development of the next generation.
Our goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of TOTO Group throughout manufacturing by ensuring further development of technology and skill, and accumulation & transmission of the knowhow. Furthermore with the technology the “Specialist”s produced, we will expand the new possibility of the associated fields and will contribute to the development of society.

Birth of the Fellow

The first “Fellow” was appointed as the top of more than one hundred “Specialist” in 2017, the TOTO 100th anniversary year, and “Specialist system” has reached a new stage.
“Fellow” is one of the world’s top-level researchers who is responsible for TOTO’s core technology.As “Fellows” contribute greatly to the improvement of corporate value, brand, performance and symbolize TOTO’s unique technology, we will continue to develop the world’s top class engineers and pass on the manufacturing spirit and the human resource development spirit to the next generation.

Employees Helping Each Other – and Their Company – Grow-Awareness survey

TOTO has conducted an awareness survey for all employees since 1992. Voices of employees are the fodder that allow us to assess the current state of our company and identify issues that stand in the way of our vision for the company. At the same time, analysis of survey results for each department and providing feedback to the employees of the company also recalls the aims of the company to personnel and helps them transform actions taken in the performance of duties to those that support the image of the company to which we aspire.

Developing Human Resources to Support Manufacturing the TOTO Way

Particularly in the development of technical staff, TOTO bases its efforts on words left behind by our second president, Saburo Momoki: "You need to make good people before you can make good products." To that end, TOTO has created the Technology Map, a system for structuring the technical skills needed in manufacturing products, and has rolled out a wide range of measures based on that system. Under Technology Map, to provide concrete technical training and assess technical skills, technology as a whole is divided into six fields: overall structural (system design) technology; component technology; core component technology; basic commonly-required technology; common technology; and manufacturing process technology. Each of these is further segmented into technical items at various levels, and ways devised to make them easy to use as human resource development tools. Human resource development efforts currently underway are focused primarily on three areas: e-learning, group training and OJT.

Manufacturing Personnel Development System

1. Enhancing e-Learning

TOTO's e-learning system was put in place to provide a convenient way for employees to study, and includes approximately 60 courses covering primarily basic technical knowledge and methods. Last year, we revised all the content under the supervision of a specialist engineer to make it easier to learn. The time spent studying each item of content was also shortened to allow for a more focused form of lea

2. Hands-on Group Training

Group trainings conducted in fiscal 2015 covered 29 subjects, with a total of 751 employees trained across a total of 386 hours. In quality improvement training, which received special focus, attention was shifted from classroom-based training to a more hands-on system, in the belief that knowing something and actually being able to do it are two different things. A five-step process (pre-training assignments; group training; practical assignments; counseling sessions; final presentations) works to ensure that employees are able put into practice what they have learned in the course of their training.

3. Hands-on Activities and Support for OJT

Based on the belief that OJT is the key to human resource development, TOTO has deployed two initiatives. The first, part of the above-mentioned hands-on group training, calls on supervisors of those in training to provide motivation and guidance prior to and during their work on their assignments, and further, to participate in their final presentations so that they can hear the results of their employees' efforts and convey to them their own expectations for future initiatives. The second initiative involves putting in place a structure that assigns to each division a key employee responsible for highly specialized skills and methods; those key people will then provide OJT to employees in their respective divisions.

Developing Human Resources for Achieving Sales Strategies

Progress in the Sales Division department included building systems to develop human resources both hierarchically and by position, to implement sales strategies while amid changes made to the environment. In fiscal 2015, we particularly focused on development of human resources for individuals of managerial posts,positions in Entry-level to Mid-level Sales Divisions and Development of Personnel for Sales Companies to further improve the Domestic Housing Equipment Business and develop global human resources for the future. Overall, TOTO provided training opportunities to 1,600 people (of 5,000 eligible)in FY2015.
To use OJT to simultaneously speed up development, TOTO continues to improve use of the Individual Report that makes the state of individual skills visible and the Organization Report, a compilation of departmental human resource skills.
Thorough training was also provided in finance and anti-monopoly laws.

Overall Sales Division Human Resources Development Structure

1. Development of individuals for managerial posts

In fiscal year 2001, we launched a year-long program for training newly appointed section managers. Taking into account the expected abilities of department managers, we revised it in fiscal year 2016 and made it a three year-long training program. In addition, we also train prospective sales managers mainly in their thirties to develop a pool of individuals from which section and department heads will be appointed.

2. Developing Human Resources for Entry-Level to Mid-Level Sales Divisions

A three-year program was started in fiscal 2004 to foster development of personnel for entry-level Sales Divisions that repeatedly evolved to one that now fosters autonomous human resources early in their careers. Mid-level personnel also attend Sales Professional Development Training (46 courses) that are linked to the Personal Report newly offered since FY2015 that promotes development of the individual. Sales Professional Development Training was attended by approximately 170 personnel in FY2015.

3.Development of individuals for sales companies that are part of the TOTO Group

To further solidify its domestic housing equipment business, in fiscal year 2012 the TOTO Group began accelerating the integration of training that used to be conducted separately at each individual sales firm in the group. For fiscal year 2015, we added a build-up training program for department and branch heads, which was taken by around 300 personnel.

Raising Awareness of Every Employee - Global Human Resource

We have widen the chance for younger employees to be assigned overseas, which was focused on the management level. As part of the initiative, we implement Overseas Internship System to make use of the gained experience and perspective in future management.
We are sharing awareness to make innovations together with the overseas Group companies, and expanded the scope of overseas management level training to include management level candidates to in Japan. In addition, we have expanded education to regular employees to disseminate TOTO's corporate philosophy and nurture the next generation.