TOTO Group respects the individuality of each person and aims to create a vibrant workplace based on the national laws, regulations, and conditions in each country it is located and enters dialog and consultation directly with employees or representatives of employees in good faith.

Labor and Management Relations

Labor unions have been organized at TOTO and some Group companies.
In October 2013,UNION (Labor Union) at TOTO Group companies formed TOTO UNION Group(TGU) with the purpose of fostering unity as TOTO Group. The TOTO UNION operates on a union shop system, which as of April 1, 2018 consists of 9,951 number of union members, which make up an organizational rate of 100%. TOTO and TOTO UNION strive for smooth labor-management relations as well as facilitation of business activities by engaging in a variety of dialogs. More specifically, the two parties engage in aggressive labor-management negotiations on issues such as Remuneration and Labor Conditions and Reductions in Total Work Hours that lead to appropriate business operations.
In addition, an Executive Council was created for both management and union leaders to hold discussions each month. Decisions on particularly critical issues are made after sufficient review and consultation by the Labor Committee. Information about labor conditions and various systems introduced at the end of this process is disseminated on the diversity website and other company intranets, posted and distributed via UNION newsletters and the activities in which labor and management cooperate to make the information common knowledge.

Labor and Management Relations1

Labor and Management Relations2

Initiatives Overseas

Overseas Group companies continue to maintain appropriate labor-management relations via sufficient labor-management negotiations according to labor laws in each country.
Specifically, proactive communication is held on issues of "wages" "social welfare" and "environmental improvements" that lead to construction and maintenance of sound labor-management relations.
In addition, UNIONS (Labor Unions) are formed at some Group companies; union members of overseas group companies consists of 9,950 number of union members, which make up an organizational rate of 65%(*).
*The organization rate is calculated by dividing Union Members/Total Number of Employees (excluding management executives).

Initiatives Overseas1

Initiatives Overseas2