The TOTO Group endeavors to develop healthy relationships with all TOTO workers through honest dialogs and discussions based on the "Charter of TOTO Group Corporate Behavior", which defines the fundamental attitudes towards activities for all workers of the TOTO Group.

Respect for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

The TOTO Group is a member of the "United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)", supports its Ten Principles on Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption, and respects the right of employees to organize and bargain collectively as a means to promote smooth negotiations between labor and management for a better work environment.

The ratio of employees belonging to labor unions or the equivalent in FY 2019

87% (*of all workers in the countries and regions where trade unions are organized )

Initiatives in Japan

TOTO and TOTO UNION strive for smooth labor-management relations as well as facilitation of business activities by engaging in a variety of dialogs. More specifically, the two parties engage in aggressive labor-management negotiations on issues such as Remuneration and Labor Conditions and Reductions in Total Work Hours that lead to appropriate business operations.
In addition, an Executive Council was created for both management and union leaders to hold discussions each month. Decisions on particularly critical issues are made after sufficient review and consultation by the Labor Committee. Information about labor conditions and various systems introduced at the end of this process is disseminated on the diversity website and other company intranets, posted and distributed via UNION newsletters and the activities in which labor and management cooperate to make the information common knowledge.
Also, labor unions have been organized at TOTO and some group companies, and all labor unions of the TOTO Group companies employ a union shop system.

Labor and Management Relations1

Labor and Management Relations2

Overseas efforts

We maintain appropriate labor-management relations by conducting sufficient discussions between labor and management and follow the labor laws of each country. Specifically, proactive communication is held on issues of "wages" "social welfare" and "environmental improvements" that lead to construction and maintenance of sound labor-management relations.
Also, at China's Group companies, a workers' organization called "Gōnghuì(Union)" has been organized, which actively provides various efforts.