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TOTO Group Human Resources Policy

We promote diversity, nurture and effectively utilize human resources, and encourage a good work-life balance so that everyone in the TOTO Group can work to maximum potential.
In a spirit of respect for human life and dignity, the TOTO Group continuously cultivates its employees, prizing qualities such as enthusiasm, fertile imagination and autonomy, and contributes to the enhancement of employee satisfaction, as well as to the creation of customer lifestyles.

Human Resources Management Cycle in the TOTO Group

To promote Group Human Resources Policy, we implement human resources management from the perspective of Groupwide optimization. In addition, by placing this management cycle into motion, we monitor and promote a wide range of initiatives, including the recruitment and cultivation of human resources, the establishment of an employee-friendly business environment, and the promotion of activities to manage employee health.

TOTO Group Human Resources Policy

Toward the Realization of a Comfortable Company-Employee Satisfaction

The TOTO Group conducts the TOTO Group Awareness Survey every year to measure the level of employee satisfaction in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the corporate philosophy, management policies and organizational climate, and to serve as an indicator of the motivation and self-realization of all people working for the TOTO Group.
At the same time, the results of the survey are analyzed and fed back to each department to help employees reaffirm the company's policies and change their behavior to achieve the company's goals through their work.

Improvement Cycles based on Awareness Survey

Improvement Cycles based on Awareness Survey
※Data for full-time/contract/temporary employees of the TOTO Group (Japan).
 Calculated based on the overall score (average value of comparable items for 3 years) from TOTO Group Awareness Survey of employees.

Status of employment

Development of Human Resource Activities

Domestic Development of Human Resource Activities