TOTO Group Safety and Health, and Disaster Prevention Policies

The TOTO Group aims to achieve zero industrial accidents and zero cases of occupational illness, and to create a comfortable work environment.The TOTO Group takes measures to prevent fire, storm and flood damage, and other disasters, and to minimize damage from disasters.

Safety and Occupational Health System

To smoothly advance health and safety activities and to raise the standards, TOTO Group has established a Health, Safety and Security Committee , chaired by the director in charge of TOTO's General Affairs, and meets once every six months. Representatives of divisions and labor unions attend the meeting to formulate group policies and basic measures for the year in an effort to promote transparency at each division.
In addition, corporate and labor representatives participate in the Health and Safety Committee held monthly at each division to report and deliberate safety and sanitation activities, and determine measures to improve them, to promote penetration of activities in the workplace via personnel in charge of safety and health in the workplace.
In addition, once at the end of the fiscal year, the Board of Directors will hear a report of the deliberations of the Health, Safety and Security Committee to review promotion of safety and health activities.

Safety hygiene activity management system chart

Safety hygiene activity management system chart

Health and Safety Management System

Health and Safety Management System
TOTO Group reflects the comprehensive objectives of the ILO Guidelines, in accordance with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Industrial Safety and Health Management System Policy as the Health, Safety and Security Management System functions throughout the entire TOTO Group.

Prevention of Occupational Accidents

Safety and Health Check (checking the management system and status)

The entire TOTO Group developed a system for checking safety, and has operated it since fiscal 2006. This is to curb "unsafe movements" or avoid a risky situation in a plant of a Group production company where a human error leads to a disaster. We have investigated at all the production bases of the Group the status of safety management system, unsafe movements of workers in a plant, or risks of unstable equipment. It resulted in significant improvement of safety in our Group, and helped build a safer environment. Safety and health check was conducted at 14 sites in FY 2019, and all countermeasures for locations indicted in the Safety Check are now complete as well as we continue to resolve safety issues.
We also develope disaster prevention activities that conduct safety inspections such as "pre-operation inspection of factory equipment", "daily inspection", "fixed point observation of work", "risk assessment during new product development, new equipment and work", etc. We strive to achieve zero industrial accidents by eliminating and reducing identified potential risks.

Scenes from a Workplace Health and Safety Check
Scenes from a Workplace Health and Safety Check (1)

Scenes from a Workplace Health and Safety Check
Scenes from a Workplace Health and Safety Check (2)

Cross Check (Mutual on-site inspection by checkers from a different office)

The entire TOTO Group focuses on the prevention of unsafe activities and requires checks from a third party’s perspective by a health and safety representative from a different office. To identify unsafe activities, checkers from a different office inspect production equipment and on-site work for the purpose of preventing possible causes of accidents from a new perspective.
We had cross-checked 22 sites in FY 2019 and introduced issues extracted from each site to the Business Group-wide safety and health activities.

Initiatives for Comfortable Workplace Environment

TOTO Group endeavors to maintain and improve a comfortable workplace environment for employees to prevent occupational illnesses. Using measurements from the work environment to identify current conditions, we take actions to counter the source of issues, improve working methods, conduct training in order to establish a management system common to the Business Group and expand our efforts.

Anti-dust measures

Workplace which implements dust prevention measures
TOTO uses stricter management standards than the rest of the world in a day-to-day, ongoing basis. Measures to eradicate dust itself to eliminate the need for masks, Local Exhaust equipment has been installed and other facility-dependent measures have been taken in an effort to shorten exposure time, while protective equipment such as dust masks are worn in areas that do not respond to these countermeasures in order to prevent impact to the human body.

Noise Prevention

To avoid irreversible occupational disease (hearing loss),we provide thorough training in use of equipment to contain the source, shortening exposure time, and correct use of ear plugs and other protective wear in locations where countermeasures are difficult to implement.

Chemical substance management

We make knowledge of SDS common, measure the work environment for organic solvents and specific chemical substances, and implement measures for locations where problems are identified. In addition,risk assessments for chemical substances are advanced in alignment with TOTO Group.

Foster awareness of safety

Safety and Health Training

TOTO Group conducts regular in-house safety and health training in a continuous effort to improve safety for site workers and the knowledge of safety personnel.
Main program Event details
Hierarchy-based training Group training is provided to all new employees, new section managers, new department general managers and newly appointed executives.(In 2019, 563 people participated.)
New foreman training Provided to new foreman (Manufacturing Department) at each location.
Employment training Provided to new employees at each location.
Relocation training Provided to transferees and employees who change duties.
Beginner training Provided for inexperienced workers.
Skill improvement training Safety and the Environment Section managers and Safety personnel are provided Safety Personnel Meetings (2 times per year), a study group for measurement of the workplace environment, and national block leader meetings.
Follow-up training Site workers are provided experience-based training in risks within the company.
All employees watch a safety training DVD.

Scenes from Safety and Health Training (1)
Scenes from Safety and Health Training (1)

Scenes from Safety and Health Training (2)
Scenes from Safety and Health Training (2)

Scenes from Safety and Health Training (3)
Scenes from Safety and Health Training (3)

Traffic safety training

A Traffic Safety Class
TOTO sponsors the Corporate Safety Campaign and Traffic Safety Classes for employees who use corporate vehicles for sales activities and use cars, motorbikes, and bicycles for commuting under the cooperation of driving schools and the police to improve employee awareness of traffic safety.

Conditions in which Work-Related Accidents Occur

About Lost Time Injury

TOTO Group strives to assess the conditions of work-related disasters which occured to prevent similar accidents.
TOTO Group aims at zero employment injuries every year as a health and safety goal.
The TOTO group's lost time injury frequency rate in FY 2019 was below the national average for manufacturing.
To achieve the goal of zero injuries in the future, the TOTO Group will extensively make efforts to prevent employment injuries. The number of deaths (employee and contractors) from employment injuries in the TOTO Group was zero over the past three years. In the event of any accident or event that may cause an employment injury, we will investigate the causes and report the information on labor related risks to all worksites every month. Thus, we thoroughly implement the prevention measures to prevent recurrences.

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate

FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
TOTO Group employees 0.29 0.19 0.19
TOTO Group contractors 0.00 0.15 0.15
Total number of Contractors(no. of personnel) 3,213 3,215 3,303
The national average for manufacturing Industry 1.02 1.20 1.20
*Two equity-method affiliated companies (Voreto (Xiamen) Plumbing Technology Co., Ltd. and P.T. Surya TOTO Indonesia) that are subject to TOTO Group’s management for safety and health, are included.
*“TOTO Group contractors” cover contractors for the TOTO Group’s overall contractors. Considering the Japanese way of thinking about the Industrial Safety and Health Act, contractors in the areas of company cafeteria, cleaning, and security have been excluded.

Initiatives for a Healthy Mind and Body

The TOTO Group Corporate Philosophy states the idea of "creating an employee friendly work environment that respects the individuality of each employee", and we are promoting mental and physical health with the goal of realizing work environments that facilitate work. In order to achieve that, we are developing health-conscious initiatives on the three pillars of health care, mental health measures and health promotion.

Health Management

TOTO Group (in Japan) regularly conducts health examinations and follow-up measures to prevent physical illness and promote health maintenance, For fiscal 2019, we aimed and succeeded in reaching 100% in three rates: the Regular Health Checkup Examination Rate, the Secondary Screening Participation Rate (Retest and/or Detailed Test), and Rate of Health Guidance Implementation (Industrial Physician and/or Public Health Nurse). Although the average age of the medical checkup anomaly observation has become older, we maintain a low rate by continuously analyzing medical checkup data and implementing measures based on the analysis.
To support the health maintenance of employees, the Labor Management promotes work-life balance and places more effort on working hours optimization.
We also arrange for employees working long hours to have consultations with industry physicians to check their health statuses and provide guidance, advice, and prompt countermeasures by collaborating with the supervisors in the workplace.
  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Regular health checkup finding rate(%) 42.5% 42.0% 43.2%
*Data for the TOTO Group (Japan)

Mental health measures

For maintenance of mental health, TOTO Group (in Japan) promotes the three types of care :(1)self-care and (2) care from the line (care from a supervisor) ,(3)care such as that provided by workplace public health care.


  • Lectures on mental and physical self-care for new employees
    In the new employee general training, we give a lecture from a dedicated industrial physician to deepen our understanding of mental and physical self-care. We also inform them about the health consultation counter by distributing a small card like a business card with the information.

  • Stress check
    We conduct stress checks every year, and 90% of the employees take this test. We recommend those with high stress levels to take consultation and arrange one for them if they wish.


For early detection and response, we made it mandatory for relevant employees to take Managers and Supervisors Training and expanded its audience target to worksite leaders/supervisors to improve mental health measures. We set up beginners and advanced courses for the training program so that newly appointed supervisors can also take the program based on their levels. The program includes discussion sessions to discuss actual issue handling using case studies so that trainees put it into practice.

③Care by industrial health

For employees on leave due to mental health issues, we provide continuous consultation and follow-up, collaborating with industrial health staff, workplace supervisors and HR Division staff. We also renewed the Health Management Site on the company Intranet, placed Body and Mind Consultation Service on the top page and notified employees of the consultation contact of each office.

Infectious diseases control measures

We will provide employees with information to protect them from various infectious diseases, such as influenza, dengue fever, and malaria. Also, we recommend that overseas secondees and employees who travel overseas for business have vaccinations as a measure for preventing infectious disease. Also, for employees seconded to overseas, we provide Pre-Assignment Training sessions by industry physicians.

Health promotion(Promoting Good Health)

The TOTO Group (Japan) provides health programs, such as Lung Age Measurement, Physical Fitness Measurement, Walking Event, and Yoga Classes with the Healthcare Center and TOTO Health Insurance Association taking the leading part. At the Headquarters and Kokura No. 1 Plant, we help improve the health awareness of employees by converting health improvement activities into points and awarding employees based on the points they accumulated. The number of participants is increasing every year and about 1,400 and 1,500 employees in total participated in in FY 2017 and FY 2018, respectively. We promote prevention of lifestyle-related disease, health improvement, and fostering health awareness through these health promotion activities. We also opened the Health Development Support Site -Genkide Ya TOTO- in the company Intranet and introduce health development activities held in offices.

Training Learned from Professional Rugby Players

Lunch break work-out
Lunch break work-out

Employees' cafeteria (displaying vegetable intake)
Employees' cafeteria (displaying vegetable intake)

Selected under the 2020 Health & Productivity Stock Selection Program

2020 Health and Productivity Management Award
2020 Health and Productivity Management Award
TOTO was lauded for its health initiatives underscored by the three pillars "Health Management," "mental health measures" and "Health Promotion (Promoting Good Health)".
TOTO has been selected as a Health and Productivity Stock under its selection program jointly held by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Tokyo Stock Exchange for six consecutive years. TOTO has also been selected as a Health and Productivity Enterprise (Large Corporations Division), which is given to companies with the best healthy management practices, for four consecutive years.

* "Health Management" is a registered trademark of NPO Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee.

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