To provide a worker-friendly workplace to persons with disabilities who have the will and capability to work but lack employment opportunities, in 1993 TOTO invested, along with Fukuoka Prefecture and the city of Kitakyushu, in establishing SUNAQUA TOTO under a public-private partnership.
We hope that, based on the concept of normalization, SUNAQUA TOTO can continue to provide a place where those with disabilities work alongside the able-bodied, and will continue to grow and prosper along with the community.

Our Role in Society

SUNAQUA TOTO assembles water faucets and plumbing fixtures, and works on DTP for manuals and 3D-CAD drawings of parts and finished products. 132 employees work there as of April, 2017 under the corporate motto of "Independence", "Trust", and "Participation," of which 85 are disabled (46 severely disabled).
Since it was established, SUNAQUA TOTO has contributed to the employment of disabled people along the corporate philosophy of TOTO Group. We accept many parties' wish to visit the company, and sometimes render services like advising how to run a specified subsidiary. For fiscal year 2016, about 2,300 people took part in the factory tour,and some of them told us they were "encouraged" by SUNAQUA TOTO.

Normalization and our Business Activity

In our assembling work, we adopt a cell production system because we can work out a process that fits the characteristics of each worker. He upgrades his worktable, tools, and machines with his own device and improves the work environment and efficiency. "It is more important to find a job that suits him and consider how he works than to just assign the worker for a job. There is no difference in wage between the disabled and normal workers," says Hiroshi Nojima, President of SUNAQUA TOTO.
We reflect the disabled workers' voice on the improvement of the company building's plumbing, particularly that for the rest room, and sometimes the voice is used in upgrading our products as monitors' advice out of evaluating our existing products. Each voice contributes to our activities for the "UD", one of the TOTO's missions.

Assembly plant for water faucets and plumbing fixtures
Assembly plant for water faucets and plumbing fixtures


CSR Activities of SUNAQUA TOTO

Hiroshi Nojima
Based on the TOTO Group's corporate philosophy, SUNAQUA TOTO pleads in and out of the Group for accelerating the employment of disabled people as part of our CSR activities.
One of our activities' roles is to help establish more specified subsidiaries like us to increase the number of the severely disabled people employed who have little chance to get jobs.
We consider it an important mission to appeal to other parties to employ more disabled people as part of their workforce.

Status of the disabled people employed by SUNAQUA TOTO

Status of the disabled people employed by SUNAQUA TOTO

Change in the number of disabled people employed by SUNAQUA TOTO

Change in the number of disabled people employed by SUNAQUA TOTO

Voices of our employees : Braille business cards, Support Business Division, SUNAQUA TOTO

Voices of our employees : Braille business cards, General Affairs Division, SUNAQUA TOTO
Braille is a valuable source of information for all visually impaired people, so I was very worried at first whether the business cards would have any impact on a person without visual impairment.
But customers have told me that the cards are "sales tools that launch conversation," and "you are using it to relate to the other person" and I now feel that this work is very challenging.
A skill completely separate from reading Braille business cards is required to make them , the efficiency of which we improved significantly after a few months of preparation.
The pins set to the Braille embossing machine are approximately 1 cm.
At first it took nearly 4 hours to create one plate.
The only way to increase productivity is simply to get used to striking the pins.
We have now shortened that time to 30 to 40minutes, but I would like to be able to reduce it even more.

Display of "Heartful Mark" Logo

Some of our branches registered with the Japan Association for Employers of Persons with Severe Disabilities (JAEPSD) employ many disabled people and display the "Heartful Mark" logo on their products and commodities.
Please be requested to buy these products to promote and stabilize the employment of disabled people. The literature produced by SUNAQUA TOTO carries the "Heartful Mark" logo.